6 Best Music Players for Windows 10

“Play the most beautiful music your heart desires to feel. Turn your personal computer into a music jukebox with the help of Best Music players.” Are you in search of the best music players for windows 10 to listen to your favorite songs? If we talk about the year 2020, then there are a lot of music players for Windows 10 available in market which allows you to take a musical journey and release stress from the mind and body.

Music players for window 10 help to keep your music library organized in a better way. However, some old school music players have been replaced in market by a brand new music player for window 10 named Groove Music player. So, without wasting any further time, let us enter into the world of best music players for window 10. We talk about the year 2020, then there are a lot of music players for Windows 10 available in market which allows you to take a musical journey and release stress from the mind and body.

List of Best Music Players for Window 10:

Check our list of the best music players for window 10 and decide which music player you like to stick around.

1. Groove Music Player:

It is a default music player of Windows 10. It is pretty popular among its users in the market because it is available on iOS, Windows 10, Xbox, and Windows 10 Mobile.

  • If you like to keep your favorite music on a single drive on your computer. Well! Then Groove is worth considering.
  • If you prefer to listen to live streaming music then you are required to become a paid subscriber of Groove. Groove streaming service offers over forty million music tracks to their subscribers.
  • You will also enjoy creating your own customized cloud locker with OneDrive.
  • It is super simple to create your personalized playlist within Groove.
  • You do not have to be a tech expert to use Groove Music player on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Unfortunately, Groove Music Player for Windows 10 does not have an equalizer, so you are unable to change settings related to sound output.
  • This software also does not allow you to export playlists.
  • There are several formats supported by Groove Music Players are MP3, AMR, AC3, WAV, AAC, and WMA.

2. Window Media Player:

You can easily customized window Media Player with easily installed visualization, plug-ins, and skins to get a brand new look and several other additional features.

  • Its simplicity, zero cost and easy to use features make this music player one of the best audio player software for Windows 10.
  • It is full of amazing features that will definitely improve your file sharing experience.
  • Window Media Player is designed to be nearly perfect comprehensive software to play video and music files on your computer.
  • It has been launched many years back and is still being launched with newer version. It also allows users to flip and chop audio and video files.
  • Window Media player boasts of launching new tools that help in playing and organizing videos and music flawlessly and offers enriched experience to its users.
  • It is also compatible with a large number of file formats and can sync their media with their mobile devices, so everyone can enjoy at one click.
  • It generally plays all types of files except FLV. So you require converting FLV to some other format supported by Windows Media Player such as MP3, MIDI, MP2, ASF, WAV, WMA, and CD.
  • This audio player for Windows 10 has a shuffle function and playlist is only limited by tracks that present on your personal computer solely.
  • Shuffle feature of this Media player for window 10 keeps on playing same track repeatedly in a same session.

3. Freemake Music Box:

This is free software developed by Freemake corporation. Previously Freemake music player only played online music. However, recently this software supports offline video and music files from your computer.

  • You can make and import the music library in almost all popular formats.
  • You can listen to your favorite music for free whenever and wherever your heart desires.
  • It delivers only legal music that is not restricted by geographical boundaries.
  • Freemake Music software uses a powerful search engine that gathers free and legal soundtracks for you. You do not need to sign up to use Freemake Music Box for Windows 10.
  • Unfortunately, this music player is still in its early stages of development and spotted a few weaknesses. Main issues that user faces is the availability and quality of music.
  • Elongated time is required to load music tracks and results can vary widely.
  • This software does not offer any option for equalizer; neither has it supported music CDs.
  • There are several formats supported by Groove Music Players are M4A, AMR, APE, MP1, M4R, SPX, AC3, WAV, AAC, and OGG.

4. VLC Music Player:

It’s mostly known for playing Television shows, and movies.

  • VLC is an open and free source cross-platform audio player that plays most of the multimedia files, and various other streaming protocols.
  • It plays almost everything that started from Disc, Devices, Streams, Files, and Webcams.
  • It almost runs on every platform such as UNIX iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • This music player is free from user tracking, advertisement, and spyware.
  • Using VLC, you can build your own list of favorite music tracks. It also delivers several online radio services that you can access at your fingertips.
  • An inbuilt equalizer is complemented by another advanced audio management feature already known to VLC.
  • VLC can play ranges of video files including HD and BluRay, and any other type of music file. It supports 10bit decoding.
  • “Skin” option in VLC requires minute modernization and improvement.
  • Both playlist and music library do not meet modern standards and are beaten by several other mainstream audio players for Windows 10.
  • Few customers have also registered complain about sudden crashes on the system while using the VLC music player.

5. MediaMonkey Music Player:

“If you have a PC you owe it to your music, give MediaMonkey a try.” This music player is indeed another most popular Music player for Windows 10 in the market.

  • It manages to offer more than one lakh video and music files without creating any issues of blogging down.
  • It also helps in recording CDs and download movies, podcasts, and music.
  • MediaMonkey helps you handle duplicate playlists, albums, and songs.
  • It helps you to manage any type of music and movies according to your personal taste and requirements.
  • Users can easily sync MediaMonkey with their tablets and smartphones.
  • You can share your music files through Digital Living Network alliance.
  • MediaMonkey music players for Windows 10 can also convert video and audio files to any format you require.
  • This software offers an auto inbuilt DJ feature called Party Mode that plays songs based on set criteria.
  • MediaMonkey scans and keeps your music collection updated when you delete a song.
  • One of the unique features of MediaMonkey is that it can sync with your Android phones and iOS.
  • For new users, this software is difficult to operate; besides you can only enjoy all features of MediaMonkey Music Players after paying $24.95.

6. Musicbee Audio player:

Musicbee is the ultimate music manager and player. It is no doubt an excellent choice for those people who have huge collections of unorganized music tracks.

  • This audio software helps you to import your existing music player libraries.
  • Latest sync support with your smartphone devices provided by Musicbee which is easy customization for users. It is also the ability to set your favorite color theme which will enhance and refresh your mood after an exhausting day of work.
  • If you want to hear your favorite music on speakers then Musicbee will definitely deliver the best quality sound as it supports up to 5.1 surround audio.
  • This audio software is simple and fast to operate and delivers powerful music that will touch your heart.
  • You can now listen to songs continuously without facing any interruption with gapless playback.
  • Musicbee also supports a few WinAmp plug-in for better music experience.
  • MusicBee fills up missing metadata automatically of your music tracks whenever your computer is connected to internet.
  • This music player software utilizes a lot of CPU which results in the slowdown of your old computer.

So what are you waiting for? Finalize your wish list and choose the best music player for Windows 10 from the above list of options that will satisfy your requirements and budget.


1Q. What are the top free music players for window 10?

Ans: Several music players for Windows 10 that can be operated without any cost are MediaMonkey, Musicbee, AIMP, VLC music player, and so on.

2Q. Can MusicBee play FLAC?

Ans: MusicBee sometimes gets crashed with playlists whenever FLAC and AAC files are included. However, this does not occur with WAV files and MP3. This problem only exists with MusicBee version 2X.

3Q. How AutoDJ works in Music Players?

Ans: AutoDJ randomly selects and plays tracks continuously based on criteria you like to set. If you do not provide any specific criteria to narrow down your selection, then it will use any soundtrack from your playlist.

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