How to Use Final Cut Pro on Windows 10?

Professional applications, as well as software’s, make their way out into an endearing atmosphere of proper role-playing. While the use of software’s has proven more comfort, the knowledge of the program must also be heightened. In that scenario, when it comes to video editing or cutting certain sections of it, the software must be a powerful one, as the workload is simply drastic. Thus, with all of the editing software’s that have been introduced in the market, Final cut pro is one that consists of an X factor.

Final Cut Pro for Windows is basically Apple’s Video Editing Software. In the recent updates, a similar version has been more popular owing to the introduction of varied sets of features. The alternative of this application is also available on other platforms too. While there are earlier versions of this software present in the market, this program has something for all levels of editing, starting with the beginners as well. There are exclusive features that have been added, thus making it versatile as well as user-friendly software. Before going into the installation of the software, let us find out the features of it.

Final Cut Pro for Windows 10 – Features

Since this is updated video editing software for IOS, a proper guide to the features of Final cut pro would help in starting with the procedure smoothly:

Using the timeline

The timeline is where the actual process of video editing starts. In order to know the true characteristics of using the timeline, you must watch the video for it. Apart from that, the timeline helps in adjusting the video and all you have to do is to simply drag and then move it so that it can be further processed. You can watch the video can see which part needs the most editing. If an important part has been noticed, you can simply mark it out. Thus, the timeline helps in assessing the parts of the video for editing.


Likewise, with the help of Final cut pro for windows, there happens to be the use of the trimming device that is by default present in the software. You can simply click on the trimming tool and start using it in various sections of the video. You can drag the cursor and trim that part which is not important in the video. You can trim the beginning as well as the end of the video with clarity. Once you are done with trimming, you can save it. Play the video once and see whether it is fine or not. If further trimming is required, you can follow the same procedure.

Adjusting the audio

Sometimes that video that you have made lacks a sense of proper music owing to the fact that it might have been taken in a noisy area. In order to do away with the background noise or just to smoothen the audio a little bit, you can select the audio track section and make the necessary changes.

Export of certain videos

Along with editing and clipping the videos, Final cut pro for windows is highly effective in sending videos or just sharing them with others. This makes it really suitable to handle all of it with care. Simply choose the video or videos that you want to share after editing and click on the share option in the settings section. If it is a digital video, then choose the option titled ‘master file’. By clicking on okay, you can send the videos to the necessary system. For larger files to be exported, make sure that you watch the video first before sharing it!

Getting started with Final Cut Pro:

While there are various versions made of Final cut pro, the compatibility of this software is exclusive with Apple and IOS devices. However, the steps to download the latest version of it with clarity are as follows:

  • Visit the MAC play store and search for the software.
  • Get to see the demo video first that is available so that you can get an idea of how to use it and why to use it.
  • Once you are sure of the program, click on download and then install the program.
  • It is in its default settings that the software starts running. You must not skip the procedure in order to keep the settings perfect!

Alternatives of Final cut pro Windows:

Final Cut Pro is specifically an Apple software. Some of the other alternatives of this same application in order devices are as follows:

  • Joy share Media cutter, which is compatible with both Windows as well as MAC devices. This application is more or less similar to that of Final cut pro. In order to use the app, users can drag the video and start editing it accordingly. Also, cut the videos or parts of it which are not required.
  • Adobe premiere pro, available on MAC and Windows. This application is suitable in snapping the video and using its features to improve the current status of the video.
  • DaVinci Resolve, available on MAC, Linux, and Windows. This application suitably helps in editing the videos and old video issues can be resolved quickly! You can share large files too and also post it directly on any social media platform.

Like Final Cut Pro, these apps significantly help with editing and brings in greater clarity. You can get all the features naturally and master the use of these applications within no time.

The final conclusion on Final cut pro:

While using the software has so many benefits, it is really necessary to understand the proper ways to start with it, in order to make use of it in the right manner. The trial video really helps in assessing the steps and beginners can simply watch it in order to clear up the procedure. In addition to that, the software is prone to updates and therefore, it must be updated in order to enjoy the latest qualities endlessly!

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