Free Music Download Websites in 2020

One of the major concerns for the music industry is the piracy of music. These days some sites allow you to stream music. This means that you have access to listen to music but you cannot download the same. Does that mean that there is no way to download your favorite music and songs legally? No! That is not the case.

Free Music Download Sites

You only need to look out for proper options. You need to check the options free music download sites legally.

List of Best Music Download Sites – 2020 April

1. BeSonic:

This is one resource on which you can rely when it comes to downloading music. The overall website might look outdated. But looks can be deceptive. This is surely one of the best sources from where you can download music. The website has 5 categories. These are Rock and Alternative,” “Pop and Electro,” “Hip-Hop, Soul, and Urban,” “Jazz and Blues,” and “Mixed Up. These categories are further divided into sub-categories. Their charts are updated based on their popularity. They have sub-categories for new artists as well as new music.

2. Free Music Archive:

This has been a very popular site for many years. The content curation is done by an independent radio station in New York called WUFM. But here you will normally find music from artists who are not very popular. You can download the songs for free. In case you have plans to use the music for a commercial purpose then you need to check the licensing aspect.

3. Jamendo:

This is the place where you will find 400,000 tracks from 40,000 artists. You will find tracks of many independent artists on this website. The music is categorized based on communities like rock, jazz, etc. You can search form music based on different criteria like trending music, popular music, etc. This website has apps for iPhone as well as android users.

4. NoiseTrade:

This is one website where the artists will let you download their music. But in return, they will ask for your email id. The main idea is to send notifications about the latest releases and upcoming tours of the artists to the audiences.

5. Musopen:

If classical music is something that you prefer then this is the website for you. This website has one of the finest collections of classical music. You can search for your favorite music by entering the name of the artist or the instrument or the composer or the period.

6. Amazon:

Does this name need any introduction? This website is one place where you can find the finest collection of music. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Amazon website
  • Now go to Departments option
  • Next, choose Movies Music and Games option
  • Now select Digital Music
  • Finally, select Deals option
  • Then choose the Free option.

You have the option of filtering the results based on the genre of the music. Tracks from some good and popular brands can be found here.

7. The internet archive: (the leading lossless digital audio distributor on the web) has helped in building this website. This website has been around for many years. On this website, you will find shows, concerts, etc of some of the best artists. On this website, you will also find audiobooks, radio shows, poetry readings, etc.

8. Bandcamp:

On this website, you can download not only the full song but the complete album. Here there is no need to create and user account. If you feel that you would like to pay the artists for their songs then this website lets you do that as well and if you would not like to pay then you can download the song for free. But you need to understand one thing that all the songs on this website cannot be downloaded for free.

9. Soundclick:

There is no need to sign into this website. You can easily download music from different genres and different artists from this website. This is also one place where you can get some really good deals and discounts on your favorite music. On this website every song is not for free, Also there are some songs that you cannot download. You can only listen to them online.


This website also does not require any user account. You will find free music but here too all the songs are not for free. The only download option available on this website is MP3. There is no option to preview the song before downloading it. The best thing about this website is that you can download the song in just one click.

11. SoundCloud:

This is one website where you can easily find a lot of content. There is music from many different artists. You will find music from not just new artists but also from several highly popular artists. In order to download music from this website, you have to log into the website. All the music on this website is not free. In order to find free music, you will have to check the Creative commons section.

12. Audiomack:

On this website, all the songs can be streamed but only some songs can be downloaded. You can easily search and filter-free music on this website. There is no need to have any user account for this website. It has a mobile app using which you can stream the music.

13. Spinrilla:

On this website, there is no need to have a user account. You can download the music as well as you can stream the music on this website. There are no irritating website ads on this website. However, there are some tracks that you can only stream. One thing to be noted is that if you want to try out a single track download then you will need a user account.

So these are some of the websites where you have a chance to download your favorite music for free. The best thing is that you can download music legally. So what are you waiting for? Just search for your favorite music and download it now!

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