Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

It is a fact that a major number of headphones don’t offer plenty of attractive features including Bluetooth compatibility at low cost. The technology has been getting cheaper every day. Today you can get decent products at a low price. Today we discuss the headphones which come under$50.

Factors Consider While Buying the Best Earbuds:

1. Importance of your safety

To use any type of wireless headphones safely, you just need to use its proper volume range. If you listen to high volume it may damage your ear for a lifetime. The injury becomes a massive problem and before that, it is difficult to detect the problems. To avoid acute damage you must control your volume around 50%.  If you go over the range then try to keep it in a very short time. Try to keep maintain the volume and bass within 50%. It is also beneficial for your health.

2. About battery life

If you want to protect your battery life, you need to follow some rules and those make the battery of your earbuds completely secure. Reduce over uses of your device Before completing the charge fully, you shouldn’t remove the gadget from charging socket.

Best Wireless Earbuds in 2020 – May Picks

1. MEE Audio N1

As per your requirement, MEE audio designed its wireless earbuds at a low price. They compile hands full of exciting attachments in the product. Along with an 8hours long battery life, it provides comfortable neckband and clear sound quality to amuse you totally. We think it is the best one for daily active users because of its durability and comfort.

  • Clear and powerful stereo sound without a tangled jack.
  • The enhanced-bass tuning brings the music in your real lively. You can flow in an ocean of melody with this super-cool ear bud.
  • Advanced 4.0 Bluetooth technology helps you manage your phone calls as well as media file from two separate Bluetooth devices at a time.
  • Another lovely fact is that MEE Audio N1 has been designed wearable in a feather-like weight. This lightweight and comfortable headphone are the fittest for you.
  • Integrated buttons help you to control the volume of your microphone, phone calls, and media.
  • These tangled free ear buds might be your best media-companion while traveling. The flexible design and unprecedented convenience deliver the best services both at home and outside of your locality.
  • Advance level 10mm drivers are appropriate for making an engaging and crispy bass-enhanced sound which is perfectly matched for phone calls, music, movies, and video games.
  • Sometimes neckbands are annoying
  • High-valued ear buds under $50
  • A little bit difficult to find spare parts in the market.


Speaker frequency20Hz to 20,000Hz
Bluetooth operating range30ft/10mtr
Battery type120mAh in-built rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
Playback time for music8hours
Talk time8hours
Standby time180hours
Charging time2hours
Microphone frequency response100Hz to 80,000Hz

2. Anker SoundBuds NB10

Anker designed their Sound Buds NB10 wireless ear buds, especially for the sportsman. Its ear tips provide a secure hold while workout through the hardcore training. The noise isolation power of this ear bud is totally impressive. You can easily hold you totally separate besides the unnecessary chaos by using this excellent device.

  • Ultra fit design: This over-ear hooking flexible design, adjustable FitClip, and ergonomic ear tips ensure you secure, customized and comfortable in-ear fit. This ultra fit design of Sound Buds NB10 makes the brand famous among ear buds users.
  • Sweat proof and water resistance technology: This ear bud designed for your active and rapid lifestyle. Unbelievable IPX5 water resistance compound and the internal nano-coating give a double layer waterproof shield make your ear buds water resistance and sweat proof.
  • Battery life: The battery of SoundBuds NB10 will last all about 6hours. It is pretty and enough decent if you have a plan to use the device for sports and workout time.
  • Powerful sound: Along with 12mm Speaker the device delivers enough solid sound with adjusted bass. Mind-blowing crystal clear sound boosts your speed and performance while jogging. The noise isolation capacity prevents the sound from entering outside chaos. It might be incredible if you want to stay in that zone which is full of melody. According to the customers’ feedback this brand is ideal for classical and jazz music.
  • Extensive connectivity: 4.1 Bluetooth technologies ensure your connection while performing a physical workout. Place your phone in your pocket, table of a bookshelf, and get non-stop services. There is a stable connection maximum range of 33ft distance an in-built mic enables for hand-free calls.
  • Long and worry-free warranty period: Anker believes in its products. That’s why they provide an 18-month warranty and friendly support by easy-to-reach customer care unit.
  • Operating system compatibility: You can use this ear bud by connecting with Android, iPhone, Mac. This amazing ear bud is the ideal companion of your iPhone7. Say ‘Adios’ to your traditional headphones with a patchy, long and irritating jack.
  • It is an oversized headphone. That’s why it takes some time to become used to with the users.
  • Battery life is shorter than MEE Audio 1.


Speaker frequency20Hz to 20,000Hz
Bluetooth operating range30ft/10mtr
Playback time6hours
Item weight18.1grams
Batteries2 lithium-ion polymer batteries
Microphone frequency response100Hz to 70,000Hz

3. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2

SkullCandy is a popular earbud producing brand throughout the world. People believe their products due to its brand value and goodwill. The last December they launched their new product SkullCandy Smokin’ Buds 2 which has lots of wireless functionalities within $50. Smokin’ Buds 2 is best for its lightweight and adjustable neck collar. The neck collar is fully removable and flexible which makes it perfect for regular users.

  • Bluetooth wireless technology: With 4.1 Bluetooth, it can provide an outstanding experience with wireless technology. It is designed with a strong Bluetooth function up to 10 to 12-meter long distance.
  • Removable Flex neck collar: If you feel quite uneasy while wearing this for a long day, you can remove the flexible neck collar easily and adjust it as per your requirement.
  • Impressive microphone: The microphone of this earbud is amazing. When you make a call to your girlfriend by using this earbud, she must feel a romantic conversation that seems like you are present beside her.
  • Comfortable design: Frankly speaking, the design of Smokin’ Buds 2 is the most comfortable rather than other earbuds. In this price range such kind of comfort ability is just unbelievable. Soft ear tips and lightweight upgrades the comfort ability of the product that provides the best feeling you ever gather.
  • Long-lasting battery life: Smokin’ Buds 2 provides its best services with the help of a long-lasting lithium-ion metal battery. 6 hours is not so bad to take the delight of music. Once you fully charge your battery, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of uninterrupted service with an impressive experience.
  • Call, music, and volume control: It also provides you an option to control the volume and track as per your choice. There are several buttons placed bellow of the left earbud that helps you to receive calls and navigate the playlist without facing any difficulties.


Connection typeStrong and active Bluetooth
The pressure level of the sound95 dB or 1mW per 500Hz
Frequency response20Hz to 20,000Hz
Earbuds typeIn-ear
Diameter distance of the drive9.2mm
Warranty period2 years

4. Mpow Flame

The Mpow Flame earbuds are usually very lightweight and sleek in design. These two things make them smarter than other low budget wireless earplugs. Beside of Anker SoundBuds, it is another music companion for sportspersons. The earbuds snuggly sit in your ear and its rubber totally wraps around the ear to hold it in the proper place even extreme movement during exercise. Usually, the pair of this earplug comes with three different sizes of silicon tips along with with additional foam finished memory tips.

  • Mpow has a well processed waterproof layer which is rated IPX7. It means the device can survive up to the 1-meter depth of water for a maximum of 30minutes time. Also, it can resist sweat while the workout is going on. You can wash the item in the shower without getting worried about damaging it.
  • Its long-lasting battery is surprisingly good. Once you complete a single charge, it provides the services up to 9hours without any interruption. Please note down it that Mpow warns you against the use of the fast charger which damages its battery.
  • The sound and bass quality of this device is surprisingly excellent considering its price range. Its bass-heavy crisp and clear sounds increase the perfection rates of the product for podcasts.
  • Well design and comfort ability
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity
  • IPX7 certified sweat and waterproof technology
  • Multiple ear tips for proper customization
  • Durable case include the shipping bag
  • Slow charging
  • Eartips are good but the earloops are not adjustable


Product dimension4.1X4.1X2.3inch
Noise cancellationActive
BatteryLithium-ion polymer batteries
Charging portMicroUSB charging port
Frequency response20Hz to 20,000Hz
Bluetooth operating range30ft/10mtr
Warranty18 months

5. TOZO T10

Tozo earbuds provide efficient wireless headphones, with in-built mic and headset that provides ergonomically gel flexible headphones. Customers after purchasing this product stated that Tozo T10 headphones are worthwhile and it justifies the purchasing price. The sound has got a clarified intensity along with the most updated noise cancellation option.

  • Waterproof Technology: With IPX8 certified waterproof technology TOZO T10 prevents all the possibility of water and sweat damages it allows 1 meter deep of water for 30 minutes. It is ideal for gym workout because of its sweat proof technology.
  • High rated stereo sound: TOZO T10 offers an authentic and powerful sound quality with bass controlling compatibility. An 8mm long speaker driver covers the area 1.77 times than the usual drive area. According to users the sound quality of the device is good enough.
  • One-step pairing: if you pick two headsets from the box, it will connect with each other automatically. Now you need only one step to connect with your smartphone to pair the device by using Bluetooth settings just once.


Speaker frequency20Hz to 20,000Hz
Diameter distance of the drive8.3mm
Bluetooth operating range10mtr/30ft
Noise cancellationActive
Batterieslithium-ion polymer batteries

6. Phaiser BHS 750

Phaiser BHS 750 is famous among the endurance athletes for its unique shape. It is one of the most comfortable and secure low-budget buds. If you looking for better quality, simplicity, and endurance then earbuds will satisfy you with an excellent fit.

  • First look: with a minimalist and simple appearance Phaiser BH 750 boast an impressive style. You can get this earbud in three different colors (black, blue or red). In this low budget, it provides an aristocratic look that is unbelievable.
  • Battery: The brand utilizes 4.1 Bluetooth technologies to enhance the battery life of the product. After completing full charge you are able to use the earbud up to 7hours continuously.
  • Sound: Phaiser BHS 750 allows you to tune your media files as per your requirement. The sound and bass quality of the device is just amazing. Large numbers of earplug users get impressed with the crisp and clear sound quality. With a couple of adjusting buttons, you can able to adjust the bass and volume easily.
  • Fit: This earbud has a small hook behind both ear tips to hold your ear tightly. The wedges of this device locks into proper place with a little bit of pressure. The build material of the product is good in quality to prevent any types of irritation.
  • Pairing
  • Magnet: There are a pair of magnetic tip located both sides of the buds to clasps together to hold the device securely around the neck.
  • Microphone: You can find a small pinhole in the earbuds which actually is a microphone. This microphone lets you receive and make phone calls without stop or pause your music.
  • Worldwide shipping is completely free
  • 7 millennium plus happy users
  • 24hours 5-star support
  • Lifetime waterproof and sweat proof warranty


Bluetooth specifications4.0
Battery3.7V Lithium polymer Battery
Standby timeUp to 250hours
Talk timeUp to 7hours
Music playback timingUp to 8hours
Charging time1.5 hours
Bluetooth operating range30ft/10mtr

Our Suggestions as per its specifications:

  1. Best Battery Life: From the market analysis and expert’s opinion Mpow Flame is the best for its battery life. A solid and perfect lifespan will provide an amazing musical experience as well as phone calls. 9hours of talk tie and 7hours of playtime Mpow scored the top position on the list.
  2. Best Sound: If you looking for the best sound adequate wireless headphones, then Anker SoundBuds becomes the best for you. Its crystal clear sound quality with balanced bass is simply outstanding.
  3. Best Design: Along with lots of attractive features SkullCandy Smokin’ Buds 2 is best regarding the beautiful design. This eye-catchy device becomes more popular day by day mainly for its impressive look.
  4. Best for a tour: From the list of huge wireless earbuds under $50, MEE audio N1 is ideal for travelers. Its neckband provides you total comfort even you are on a long tour.
  5. Best Overall: We think Mpow Flame is the best wireless headphone under $50 with the best overall attachment. Regarding sound quality, price range, battery life, and more attractive benefits it becomes your number one priority.

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