Best Android Music Player Apps in 2020

Are you looking for the best music player for an android? Then, you are rightly coming here, because we know that the default music players of smartphones are not rich enough with features. You might not get satisfied with its equalizer and user interface. However, it is very common in smartphones that most devices in current dates come with the default music player Google play music.

It is easy to access but it is not convenient in terms of features. We have arranged a number of alternative music players that have folder views in the library, tags, and file editing abilities. Moreover, it does permit downloading songs for offline mode and facilitates many other functions.

Best Android Music Player Apps:

It does not matter, whether you are a common listener or musicholic, we have enlisted a wide range of music players which surely enrich your listening impulse. However, choosing the best music player for your android device is completely depends upon your requirements-

1. Musicolet

  • This is a lightweight or ad-free music player with a complete package of features. You can get the freedom to control this music player through your earphones. More specifically, you can play/pause by a single click, double clicks for the next track and triple click to back the previous one.
  • You can fast-forward the song by clicking the button 4times repeatedly.
  • Moreover, you can have the support of multiple playing rows. This is really amazing and unique among all android music players.
  • They have specially designed the app for the music lover with an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) like accessing tabs for albums, folders, playlists, and artists.
  • You can also get the support of lyrics, equalizer, tag editor, widgets and sleep timer. Thereby, it is considering one of the most effective android music players of functionality and features.

2. Phonograph Music Player

  • This android music player is designed with classic neat materials for the user interface. You will wonder if we say the UI (User Interface) has dynamically changed according to the background color.
  • You can have the right to customize the theme and other contents of the music player according to your choice.
  • Apart from its design and look it offers you a huge number of features like it has the ability to download the missing information automatically.
  • Moreover, you can comfortably edit your tags like artists, the title for both single songs or for the entire album. This is quite commendable!!

3. Pulsar Music Player

  • As a light-weight and free music driver Pulsar is one of the most preferable music players for Android devices. It is simple but innovative and gorgeous in terms of animation and user interface.
  • You can get permission to change the interface design with varieties of color themes.
  • You can sort down its library by artist, album, folders, and genres.
  • Moreover, it also facilitates numerous features like home-screen widget, gapless playback, in-built tag editor and 5-band equalizer.
  • However, many people take this app as a tiny one, but it is definitely an effective android music player.


  • If you are looking to have a music player for daily purpose use, then we can say this could be ideal for you. It is simple and provides all the necessary characteristics that you usually seek in any music player.
  • You can get all necessary feature buttons like repeat, shuffle and fast forward on its background screen.
  • Not only that! It also provides other attractive features like equalizer, speed control of playback, sleep timer and speaker control.
  • Most importantly you can get plenty more hidden features in its setting option.
  • You can get the entire details of a song like information about composer, singer, file type, genre, storage location, and bitrate. We are pretty much sure that this feature will definitely entice your choice.

5. Pi Music Player

  • This android music player is especially familiar with its design and features. At the very beginning, you will get asked to choose a theme among its four typical varieties.
  • You can have the smoothest user interface which makes the entire thing easy to access.
  • It gives you options to play music from any of its library options like playlists, artists, tracks, genres, albums, and folders.
  • Moreover, you can also get many additional features from this music player like ringtone cutter, sleep timer and widget support.
  • Although it is quite good in all aspects it comes with additional and if you want its add-free version then you have to purchase additionally.

6. BlackPlyer Music Player

  • This music player is undoubtedly a quality item among our list which provides a customizable user interface. You can fully control its design and features by gestures and swipes.
  • It gives you permission to change the color of UI and font with the help of custom values.
  • This app is fully packed with Gapless playback, sleep timer, widgets, changeable themes and ID3 tag editor. Not only that! It supports different music file formats like WAV, MP3, and OGG.
  • Apart from all these, this music player comes with a free version and you cannot see any ads during streaming.

7. N7player Music Player

  • This music player comes with a stylish and innovative user interface through which you can zoom in and out to watch any music file according to your desire. Moreover, it is wonderful to share with you that it gives you the rights to look for any song through an improved graphical unit.
  • This android music player brings a plethora of thrilling features like a bass boot, tag editor, widget, gapless playback, sleep timer, and sound virtualization.
  • However, you can have a 14 days trial version which is the only free version. Moreover, you can purchase the full version at an affordable price from the Google Play Store.

8. MediaMonkey

  • This is a fully loaded feature pack android music app that has multi-functional options to access. You can browse its library according to your requirements for audiobooks, artists, genres, albums, composers and podcasts.
  • You can get a 15 days trial version and it provides a fast reaction among other music players. As the search algorithm is super fast and represents both tracks and artists.
  • It has the ability to download the missing lyrics and album for your convenience.
  • Moreover, it offers you to sync your android player with this music player for Windows.
  • You can enable the seek bar option for viewing the information of a track in its notification panel.
  • Moreover, it enables you multiple additional features like sleep timer, home-screen widgets, and tag editor.

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