Spotify vs Apple Music – Which is the Best Music Streaming Service?

Both Spotify and Apple Music are considered top-notch music streaming service providers. They both have some really good features. So choosing the best from the two can be a daunting task.

Let us compare the two to determine which service provider is the best.

Spotify vs Apple Music – 2020 Comparison


Spotify’s catalog consists of more than 30 million songs. Now, this is surely a very large collection of songs. It must be noted that almost every day around 20000 songs is added to its library. It has live sessions, new singles, and many other things.

Apple is said to have more than 5 million songs in its library. Now, this is surely much more than Spotify. It must be noted that Apple does not offer a free tier and they have been signing exclusive deals with some artists. The iTunes library has also been integrated into Apple music.

So based on the collection of songs in the library Apple Music is the winner.

Finding new songs:

Spotify has a number of tools which the user can use to find new songs depending on the preference of the user. They have Discovery Weekly where the subscribers can find new music from new artists. They have a number of personalized playlists. It has a series called Secret Genius. Here the subscriber can listen to the songwriters who have written some very popular pop songs. Free users are also allowed to take the benefit of playlists. The subscriber can also create, share and follow playlists at the click of a button.

In the case of Apple Music, you have to create an account and then you will be asked to select some of your favorite artists. The interface is in the form of a digital ball pit. It must be noted that each ball will represent an artist. Once the sign-up process is complete then based on the preference of the subscriber Apple will curate the playlists. The playlist can be of a particular genre or it can be of a particular artist etc. According to Apple, the list is curated by experts. With the Apple Music’s Beats, 1 Radio function the subscriber gets to listen to live radio round the clock.

Due to Spotify’s Discover Weekly section, it gets an edge over Apple Music. But overall both the service providers are good when it comes to listening to new music.


Spotify had the Radio tab in the past. But it has now removed this tab. Instead of the Radio tab, it now has another feature called assisted playlisting feature. Subscribers can find this feature in the search section. Here the user can get recommendations based on his preferences. The focus of Spotify is playlists. But those subscribers who have opted for their premium package get access to a feature called Endless Artist Radio. In this feature, the user can select the artist that they like. Now based on their choice they will get a personalized playlist which can even be downloaded. This is not a simple channel-based approach. The emphasis is more on personalization.

Apple Music has radio-style programming. Beats 1 is their premier radio station. Here the subscriber will get to listen to nonstop music that has been mixed by DJ’s. There are shows by some renowned artists on Beats 1. Apple Music also has some generic radio stations. On these radio stations, the subscriber can listen to different types of songs like hit songs, classics, jazz, etc. They also have non-music stations like ESPN and BBC news.

So when the comparison is between the radio feature of the two streaming service providers then Apple Music emerges as the winner.


In the case of Spotify before you opt for their premium service you can opt for their 3 month trial pack. The cost of the premium service is $10 per month. Spotify also has a family plan and the cost of this plan is $15. In the premium version, you can stream to any song and you can also listen to songs offline.

In the case of Apple music also you will get 3-month trial period. They too have the premier services at $10 per month which lets you listen to songs offline and it also lets you stream any song.

There is one major difference between Spotify and Apple Music. Spotify has a free ad-supported pack. This means that even if you do not opt for the premium service even then you can listen to songs on Spotify but these will be with interruptions. One more thing that the subscriber will have to face is that the songs will be played in shuffle mode only and only 6 skips will be allowed per hour. But all this is not a big deal as you still get to listen to songs on Spotify without choosing the premium service.

In this case, the winner is Spotify.

Streaming Quality:

If you compare the audio quality of Spotify and Apple Music you will realize that they are almost at par. There is not much difference. So in the case of streaming quality, we would say that equal points go to both the service providers.


Both have user-friendly interface that is easy to use. Spotify has animation and short videos that the subscriber can watch when he is listening to the songs. In both the case, the lyrics of particular songs will appear on the screen. In case you do not know the name of the song than in the case of Apple Music you can search the song by typing a few words of the lyrics. But overall the interfaces of both the service providers are at par.

Spotify vs Apple Music: other features

  • In the case of social features, Spotify scores over Apple Music
  • Spotify has workout mode which Apple Music lacks
  • In the case of downloading music for offline playback, Apple Music is found to be the winner

Spotify vs Apple Music: Overview

Spotify vs Apple Music: who is the winner?

Overall if you compare the 2 service providers you will find that Spotify emerges as the winner. But Apple Music is surely trying its level best to catch up and emerge as the winner.

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