Apple Music Free Trial 2020 – Review & Offer Details

Music has always been an integral part of our lives. Whenever we’re not in a good mood or stressed out, listening to music always helps to lighten us up. In fact, so much that we sometimes enter a whole different world of happiness. And the best thing is, there are no language barriers in music. Fortunately, this beautiful thing called music is widely and easily available to us in different platforms. And one of the platforms is Apple Music. It is a great source of listening and discovering well-known + new music that you might have never have heard of.

In this article, I’ll be discussing some important information about Apple Music so you can jump on it to start accessing great music easily. Here we go.

A Brief Information About Apple Music:

First of all for those who don’t know, what exactly is Apple Music? It is a music streaming platform that has a huge library of over 50 million songs including the well-known and the lesser known ones. You can either choose from the already created playlists or create your own one. Apple Music started as “music only” but quickly expanded to videos too. This means you can also watch music videos and others within the same service. You can sync the entire platform to all of your IOS devices and stream from wherever you want. It basically is a one stop shop for music and videos both.

A great thing about this platform is, it’s available for even Android users. This might come as a surprise but it’s the truth. In fact, it’s available for Amazon Echo too. Though Apple Music is not as great as Spotify, it still almost stands neck to neck due to the unique features we’re going to discuss now.

Features of Apple Music:

Apple Music has some really great features that are truly worth talking about. There are a lot of them but here are some of the best ones:

Download songs for offline listening

This is something IOS users have always been waiting for. IOS never allowed downloading songs but now that it does, it comes as a breather for the masses. With Apple Music, you can download your favorite songs and listen to them even if you’re disconnected from the internet. How awesome is that?

Works across all devices

With one subscription of Apple Music, you can stream music and videos from all your devices. Be it your iPhone, Mac, Watch, TV, iPad or any other IOS device. This is one size fits all scenario. All you need to do is have your IOS updated to the latest version if in case you’re still using the old one, and you’ll be able to do that.

View lyrics simultaneously

We all have this habit of singing along while listening to great music. But sometimes we don’t exactly know the proper lyrics, so this feature of Apple Music really makes it easy to sing along. It displays the song’s lyrics right in front of the screen so you can easily know what’s coming next.

Live radio stations

With Apple Music, you can tune into live radio stations and hear what’s playing. It can be music, discussions or simply confessions of people. Either way, it’s interesting to have this feature right inside your subscription.

Listen to Apple Music on your car via CarPlay

With CarPlay, you can get access to all of Apple Music content right from your car. Our traditional music systems fitted into the car is no longer cool anymore, so this feature really keeps you in the trend. You can listen to your playlists or just shuffle random songs for a surprise.

Discover songs from curated playlists

With curated playlists, you can easily access songs by category. For example, there are playlists such as Pop, Rock or even deeper by the names of the artists. You can choose to select them and listen to the tracks without digging for them yourself.

Voice search for music via Siri

Ever since voice search came into existence, we’re totally obsessed with it. In fact, I use Siri all the time for simple tasks such as sending my mom a message or keeping an alarm. With Apple Music, you can ask Siri to look for your favorite songs and play it instantly so you don’t have to put any effort.

Not only that, but you can also ask Siri to play songs as per your mood. Be it pleasant or heavy metal, you’ve got it all.

Get new recommendations every day

With the subscription, you get whole new recommendations of music every day suited as per your tastes so you can discover exciting songs automatically. The homepage usually lists out the day’s recommendations so you can view and listen to the ones you find interesting.

Stream music videos

Ever since Apple Music introduced videos into their subscription, it has been carnage. People are loving it and why wouldn’t they? It’s freaking awesome! You can choose to play your favorite song’s video or choose from curated playlists.

Pricing of Apple Music:

The price of Apple Music is more surprising than it’s features. It has three different plans suited for different sets of people. Those are:

  1. Student ($4.99/month)
  2. Individual ($9.99/month)
  3. Family ($14.9/month)

The features of Student and Individual are all the same. Exact same. The reason Student is lesser priced is because Apple Music wants to give easy access to students, but you need to go through their verification process to confirm you really are a student.

On the other hand, the Family plan gives you extra features like the ability to access the service for 6 different people, have their own individual accounts, ability to share whatever and to whomever and lastly, the ability to share iTunes purchases.

Apple Music Free Trial:

Apple has always been generous and the same is the case with Apple Music. They’re offering a massive 3-month free trial for you to check the service out and see if it’s for you. You can try out any of the above mentioned plans for 3 months and cancel it anytime if you don’t like it. To claim your free trial, head over to Apple Music and scroll down until you see this page. Click on any of the plans you wish to try out for 3 months and you’ll have it for free.


There you have the entire features and free trial of Apple Music. Be sure to make use of this offer while it’s still available. You never know when the trial will be discontinued.  I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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