Free Beat Making Softwares in 2020

Music – a sure shot technique to infuse life into a tired or dejected soul. It’s a proven therapy for many with 100% success results often. And it’s the very part and parcel of our everyday life. For some, it’s more than just a passive activity to sit, listen and relax. They go one step further in creating their own music because they find extreme pleasure, even relaxation, in composing unique tunes.

When we talk of composition, it means different musical notes and even beats. Making your own beat surely gives you a kick and a sense of accomplishment. And the good news is that you don’t need to be highly trained anymore to do so. From teenagers and youngsters to adults, everybody can now try their hand at making a unique musical beat by simply using beat making software.

free beat making softwares

Advantages of Using Beat Making Software

  • Simple to operate – Literally anyone can start using it almost immediately; there’s no prior training required. You can create sample beats and get them approved from family or friends before you start publicizing it on social media.
  • Low on cost – It’s much more cost effective when compared to purchasing music hardware. You think about going for a branded musical instrument and you can easily come under $2000-$5000. This means that you can only buy them if you can afford to. On the other hand, beat making software is extremely affordable.
  • Easy to access – Virtual instruments, as the software is also popularly called, allows everybody – students, aspiring musicians, or just common people to start making their own beats and tunes.

Free Beat Making Softwares in 2020:

Considering their growing popularity among people of all age groups, there are so many of them out there. But for your convenience, we’ve enlisted the top 10 of them all.

1. FL Studio

This is one of the best software trending currently, liked by many, excellent reviews and compatible on both Mac and Windows platforms. Its highlight is that it includes a large number of tools and features to create unique music. You can even record music here and mix it to experiment with different beats.

2. MuseScore

This one is ideal for beginners keen to learn the basics of beat making before trying their hand on it. Featuring some very simple clicks and keystrokes that can work with just mouse and keyboard, you can create your own music. There’s a format changing tool available too through which you can change file formats into Flac, OGG, or Wav.

3. MAGIX Music Maker

Designed primarily for Windows OS, this one is an award-winning software with several in-built tools to create music. Apt for beginners.

4. Ordrumbox

Besides Windows and Mac, this free beat making software can be run on Linux OS too. Unlike the others on this list, this is a relatively advanced tool. You can start creating some amazing music immediately once you’re done downloading the software from its official website. You can even export your music files.

5. Garageband

Designed essentially to run on Mac, it has now been made available to Windows 10 users too. Create your own music using several inbuilt simple tools and features and save them in different formats too.

6. Hydrogen

Like Ordrumbox, this too is compatible with all three platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux. Comprising an intuitive user interface, it enables almost anyone to jumpstart making their own beats here. No professional knowledge required.

7. Drumflow

Can be run on Windows and Mac. Its USP lies in the fact that it provides access to a host of sample music files that have been created using this software and from which budding musicians can take inspiration. Plus, these samples are allowed to be changed by users in an endeavour to create their unique music.


Comes with several features and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Can be easily downloaded and provides easy access to a wide array of virtual instruments for the user to create their own music.

9. HammerHead Rhythm Station

Designed exclusively for Windows, it’s ideal for both beginners and professionals.

10. MusinkLite

Again for Windows users specifically, this one is slightly different from the rest. You can create music using music sheets apart from mouse clicks and keyboard hits. The attached help menu guides you along the way; you can even export your beats.

A perfect tool for those who may lack in talent but are full of passion and life to live music to the core.Worth a try!

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