Get Spotify Premium Accounts for Free – 4 Methods!

Everyone loves to stream online music on the go and their Smartphone is becoming the ultimate source to enjoy online music. Spotify is the leading online music streaming platform that lets you enjoy unlimited free music on the go. Spotify App is available for download on Play Store and interested users can download it from Play Store with ease. However, using Spotify free version is quite annoying for some of the users as pop-up ads may interrupt their music streaming experience.

There are many ads that pop-up automatically in between and this makes the listeners quite irritated. So, the only way to avoid such ads is by updating the free Spotify version to Spotify Premium Account. However, it comes with monthly subscription charges and hence you need to pay the charges to upgrade your free account to premium account.

4 Different Methods to Get Spotify Premium Account for Free:

But, you don’t have to worry as there are some tricks which you may apply to upgrade to a premium account at no cost.

1. Get Spotify Premium Account for Free via Trail:

This is one of the legit methods which can help you upgrade your free Spotify account to the Spotify Premium Account. The only thing that you need is the credit card or debit card. So, anyone with a credit card, debit card or PayPal account can make use of this method as it is the easiest way to upgrade to a premium account.

With this method, one can get up to 30 days Spotify Premium for free. Below are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Visit the Spotify Official Site and head towards the site bottom
  • You will find the 30 days free Spotify Premium option available there and you need to click on it
  • Now you are required to sign-up with Spotify by filling the details and verify that you are not a robot and then tap on signup
  • Now you have to provide the credit card or debit card details and then click on 30 days trial offer

Now you will get the Spotify Premium trial for 30 days at no cost.

2. Spotify Premium for Free via Virtual Credit Card:

People can now make use of VCC or Virtual Credit Card to get Spotify Premium Account for free. This is also a legit and 100% secure method. Virtual Credit Card is the number that is generated randomly associated with the actual credit card that you hold. According to the issuer, you are allowed to set a maximum charge for a virtual number and protecting all your transactions.

You can even set the expiration date of the VCC as per your preference. But you need to understand that not all VCC works on Spotify. So, you need to ensure that the VCC Provider you are using works on Spotify.

3. Spotify Premium Account Apk

Another method to get the Spotify Premium Account is through its MOD APK. The MOD APK of Spotify Premium allows you to enjoy most of the premium features of Spotify for free. This is the favorite method for many Smartphone users. Here you are not required to purchase the Spotify Premium monthly subscription and hence the MOD APK is for a lifetime and you can download the Spotify MOD APK for free without any cost.

You are required to download Spotify MOD APK from 3rd party sources online and to download it successfully on the Smartphone you need to make few changes in the System Settings. You need to download it and enjoy the premium features of Spotify for free without any cost.

4. Spotify Premium Giveaways

It is possible now to win the Spotify Premium Account as giveaways which are made mainly for the visitors. There are many websites over the internet that offers daily giveaways of free Spotify Premium at no cost. You can join those sites without registration or login and win the Spotify premium giveaway for free.

There are also telegram channels from where you can win the Spotify Premium Giveaways. So, participate in the Spotify Giveaways and join the telegram channel and win the premium account of Spotify for free.

Spotify Premium Account Features:

  • Spotify Premium Account gives you access to unlimited songs and music without any annoying ads. So, you can enjoy streaming music in an uninterrupted manner.
  • Now users can also enjoy music in offline mode if they have access to Spotify Premium. This is the best feature as it allows you to stream uninterrupted music even without the internet.
  • Users of Spotify Premium can now play any songs which are not allowed with the free Spotify account. There are some songs which are restricted in the free version of Spotify and you can unlock all those songs for free with Spotify Premium
  • With Spotify Free Account you can skip or shuffle songs only for few times. But with Spotify Premium Account one can skip and shuffle songs for unlimited times

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