Best Earbuds Under $20 in 2020

Advancement of technology has led to the development of various products and new products are being launched regularly. One such invention is that of earbuds that have become trendy in the markets mainly because of its looks, technical features, and quality. Earbuds, as its names suggest, are slightly different from headphones and fit directly into the ear.

These products are attached to the device with the help of connecting wires or Bluetooth technologies. Apart from this, these products occupy limited space and are very light thus reducing the hassles of carrying it at all times. Features like in-ear-fit and Noise-Cancellation add up to the popularity of this product in the market.

Guide For Find Best Earbuds Under $20:

  • Comfortable- All earphones do not fit equally in our ears and are uncomfortable for long listening sessions. Check for the perfect shape and soft earbuds that are easy-to-fit and sensible to ears. Bad quality earbuds hurt your ear canals and fall out during physical activities. Rubber pad earbuds are better than the plastic earbuds that contour your ear size.
  • Size- You will find different sizes and shapes of earbuds meant for several purposes. Most of the earbuds come with small, medium and large sizes that fit on each ear comfortably, without disturbing your sound quality to your ears.
  • Types- There are 4 kinds of earbuds for various purposes:
  • Bluetooth- Music lovers opt for Bluetooth earbuds because these are convenient to use with Bluetooth technology. It adds more comfort to your ears and helps you to move freely in your activity.
  • Isolate sound- These type of earbuds blocks the outer sound and enables you to enjoy your immersive music at crowded places or noisy traffic. It is the perfect pair of earbuds for sound isolation surroundings near you.
  • Noise Cancellation- It helps to cancel any type of noise surrounding you and make you feel asleep with your earbuds on.
  • Sweat Resistant- People sweat a lot at the time of jogging and workout in a gym. This takes a lot of time and hereby loses their energy levels in the form of sweat. So, these sweat-resistant earbuds prevent the moisture coming out of the sweat and keeps the ears dry and comfortable.
  • Technical specifications- There is an old proverb,Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” It is a fact that customers always choose earbuds irrespective of their unique design, color, and brand. Do you think appearance is worth to measure its quality? Wise customers never go with the looks and design; they want the quality of the product in the long run. They check their technical features and its review while online shopping is done.
  • Design, colors, and Brand- Earbuds come with attractive colors that suit your taste. It is offered with several brands that fit your wallet and satisfy your needs. Always pick the trusted brand, ensuring better sound quality and not hurting your sensitive ears.
  • Frequency range- Frequency range is measured in Hz, many music lovers like to listen to music with powerful bass that immerses their mind and body. So it is advisable to choose the frequency range with low bass that soothes your quality audio.
  • Sensitivity- Earbuds transmit electrical signals that are converted into acoustic signals. To be safe, while listening to your pleasant music you must purchase sensible earbuds with mid-range level. High volume level proves to be very dangerous to your ears.
  • Price Tag- While shopping online/offline customers always look for cheap and affordable earbuds that give a better performance like expensive earphones available in the market. If you think that price is everything, then you are wrong. Sometimes, earbuds with low price tags suit an individual’s needs and meet their demands.

List of Best Earbuds Under $20:

1. Betron YSM1000 Earbuds

Betron earbuds are gold-plated and compatible with any kind of smart device, suitable for listening to music, gaming and watching videos.  It comes with a 3.5 jack that enhances the level of music performance of the earbuds. Deigned with easy-to-fit inside your ear canal, soft pad adds more comfort for wearing these pair of earbuds. This model contains three sets of pads and a portable rubber case to hold it and carry in your pocket. The long cable is tangle-free and water-proof, in case it gets wet.

  • 30 days Money back guarantee/1-year warranty
  • Powerful Bass for quality sound
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone and Samsung devices
  • Unique design free from interruption of outside sound
  • 24k gold plated connector for high performance
  • Frequency range 20Hz – 20kHz delivers balanced sound
  • Built-in microphone easy for making & receiving calls.


The product is seen to be highly acceptable among the consumers and has received a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. Apart from this, there is more than two thousand feedback received from the end of the consumers. These reviews are mostly positive and people have appreciated the quality of the product thus accelerating its sales in the markets.

2. 1MORE Piston Fit-In Earphones

1MORE is the high-end quality earbuds available in today’s market. Ergonomically designed with aluminum and other materials that easily fit according to the shape of your ears. It is very comfortable and stops from falling out of the ears. The 3.5mm plug is compatible with every type of devices, and phones and works well that produces better sound.

  • Built-in microphone helps to accept and reject calls
  • Comes with 4 colors and long durability
  • Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz
  • The fashionable design delivers better sound clarity and fits comfortably in each ear.
  • Aluminum chamber minimizes the static sound
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Interruption of static sound through the pair of earbuds


It is not a Bluetooth earbud, but it is played with a 3.5 jack that provides power to these earbuds. This product doesn’t have any mute function on its microphone.

3. Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones

Panasonic is a reputed brand that manufactures a standard pair of earphones to fit almost all sizes of ears. It comes with 3 sets of different sized earpads which help you to select the perfect one for your ears. These sets of earbuds are comfortable to wear with it soft -covering pads. Fortunately, it is the best pair of earbuds for gyming and resist in any physical activity. Designed with a built-in microphone for taking and making calls, enables you to adjust the sound with an integrated cable cord.

  • Variable sizes( small/ medium/ large) ear pads
  • Perfect fit for each ear to deliver high-quality sound
  • Compatible with Blackberry and Apple devices
  • The better frequency for balanced audio- sound
  • 15 colors available matching to your style
  • Affordable price that benefits the user
  • Extended 3.6 ft cord comfortable and easy to move


Many users say that when they move these pair of earbuds, a rubbing sound is generated and not suitable while gyming or jogging. It falls off from the ears and hence recommended not exercising.

4. Panasonic Ergo Fit with Microphone

Panasonic’s ergonomic design fits comfortably with your ears no matter whatever physical activity you do. It works very well suited for all environments.  Three different sizes of earpads let you pick the correct one best fitted to your ears even helps to share with your besties.  It has a frequency range of 10-24 kHz that enables you to make you hear every background sound.

  • 3 sets of earpads available in different sizes that easy to wear and share
  • Compatible with (iPad/ iPhone/ iPod), built-in microphone to deliver crystal clear sound to ears
  • Comfortable 3.6 feet cord for easy connectivity and tangle-free
  • Unique fun colors with 3 feet extended cable
  • Integrated remote to control and adjust the volume of the sound
  • Poor customer support service that responds too late


People reviewed the product and claimed that its instruction manual is written in the Chinese language. Though it is cheap, it produces high-quality sound and reaches your comfort level.

5. Betron B25 Noise Isolating Earphones

Betron 24 is a compatible pair of earbuds that easily connect with Samsung and Apple devices. It is built with high-end speakers that produce better sound performance and minimizes static sound from outside. A portable soft bag is used for carrying these sets of earbuds to prevent it from entangled cables. It provides a clip to stick it to your clothing while you keep moving. The built-in microphone and volume control earbuds are suitable for gaming and other activities. Comfortable to wear and easy to communicate while gaming with your friends or talking to your family members.

  • Outstanding performance with high dynamic speakers
  • Fashionable design and more durable for a long run
  • Jack is featured with gold plating that presents an attractive look
  • Sometimes produces a low echo sound
  • Non-resistance in cold weather conditions due to the production of static sound


It is highly appreciated by the users as it blocks external noise to the ears. Betron 24 delivers quality audio and provides a soothing effect to ears.

6. Creative Labs EP-630 Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones

Creative Labs is a trusted brand that specializes in marketing cost-effective earbuds that easily fit into each ear. It is built with noise- cancellation technology that reduces the surrounding noise coming to your ears and distracts your music mood.

  • Available in attractive colors that match your styling
  • Ergonomic soft design made from silicone provides strong noise isolation
  • Comes with an extra set of earbuds suitable for different shapes of ears
  • Uninterrupted music with easy flow reaching your ears because of its 1.2m copper cable
  • Powerful Bass liked by the music dreamers
  • Produces more static sound not good for ears
  • Poor durable earbuds for the long run usage
  • No built-in microphone


After a recent study and research, it is seen that this product is highly appreciated by the customers globally. It is worth of its price with excellent bass and suitable for all types of physical exercise.

7. Betron MK23 Earphones

Betron is another set of earbuds manufactured from Betron that is budget-friendly and produces clear sound. The tangle-free cable is flat and helps you to move easily as your choice. This product is compatible with smartphones and music players. It gets connected with gaming platforms as well as similar devices. Designed with gold plated 3.5mm jack for strong audio performance and delivering crystal clear music.

  • Offered with a 1-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Built-in microphone enables to receive and accept calls
  • Easily connects to Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and Apple
  • The silicone material used for more comfort to ears while you listen to music
  • The frequency range is 14Hz to 22Hz
  • A bit heavier compared to other earbuds
  • Microphone does not respond instantly with a single touch


Users are very happy with the product and fit easily on the ears. It is the best pair of earbuds to stay on while sleeping. This product is free from tangling and surprisingly its bass is powerful and reduces the outer noise.

Concluding to the list of best earbuds under $20, these come with variable colors and budget-friendly for every customer. The market is flourished with the latest high-end featured earbuds that are manufactured from reputed brands to deliver solid sound quality. These pair of earbuds produce crystal clear audio to your music listening and refreshes your mind. Don’t forget to check its information on the above-mentioned links, while you invest in a pair of comfortable ear buds.

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