Best Headphones for Sleeping in 2020

In this dynamic sphere of globalization and communication advancement, our lifestyles are also motivated by various drivers, and to cope up with the daily routine, we naturally compromise with our sleep. Most people across the globe tend to adopt a sleeping problem and hence lands up being insomniac. However, researchers have suggested that listening to good music or speeches can make up fall asleep.

Therefore many leading headphone companies have introduced sleeping headphones that will not only help you to fall asleep but also get rid of your irregular sleepless nights with soothing comfort and relaxation.

Best Headphones For Sleeping: Design Types

1. Over-ear

Its refers to the traditional headphones that mold your outer ear and tends to be more larger inside, over-ear headphones are connected by a solid band and fits around the top of your head

2. On-ear

It is also considered as clip-on headphones, these are smaller versions of over-ear model headphones. On-ear headphones are suitable for alternative people who find over-ear headphones bulky to sleep with

3. In-ear

They are commonly known as earbuds that fit into the ear canal. The sound quality of in-ear headphones is above average and sleepers may find it quite uncomfortable to wear it for a longer period.

4. Headbands and a Sleep mask

In a recent design, the sleeping mask comes in the form of headbands. They even come up with built-in audio speakers and easily washable.

Benefits of Sleeping Headphones:

1. Relaxation

Music helps us to relax especially if the music is tuned in between 60-80BPS because it closely matches our heart and gives a soothing biological level.

2. Fall asleep faster

By the end of a rigorous hard working day, millions of work pressure accumulate your thoughts, but this headphone can transform your instinctive triggers into a soothing mind-frame that can help you amidst this fast-paced life

3. It also boosts up sleep quality and quantity

If you are listening to a melodious relaxing music every day automatically your anxiety will calm down and when you wake up in the morning you feel extremely fresh and presentable.

 List of Best Headphones for Sleeping – 2020 Reviews

1. Bluetooth sleeping: Eye Mask headphones

You might be wondering how a mask can be utilized as a headphone. This Bluetooth integrated headphone is excellent for traveling purposes. Joseche wireless 5.0 Bluetooth is a hands-free sleeping mask with a built-in washable speaker. Astonished!! Yes, this headphone allows you to wash it because it is made up of elastic cotton, the Bluetooth model can be separated from the eye mask, so that you don’t have to worry about washing. The stereo sound has a thin speaker, it has HD HIFI sound features and compatible with android and IOS. This eye mask headphone can be played for more than 9 hours.


  • Joseche eye mask headphones is a great companion for sleep and travel because it prevents the light on your eyes to make you sleep better, extra cushion makes the eye mask and nose touch better.
  • You can even use this during noontime snooze and yoga, fits in occasion such as indoor, outdoor, camping, etc.
  • The built-in speakers provide good sound quality and noise cancellation
  • You can easily adjust the positioning of the headphone by moving it to find the right angle.
  • This sleeping headphone is unique in its way and stands out to be the most innovative one.

2. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

The ultra-thin ⅛” cushioned gives you a complete relaxation with removable speakers that has a durable 52-inch cable. This headphone is lightweight and washable. The cool mesh lining helps the speaker to stay in its place. CozyPhones sleeping headphones are designed to last for a long period. Each set of these headphones are twistable, bendable and stretchable with free tangle-free cords.

Volume limiting technology prevents your ear from getting hampered. The United States comes with more than 2000,000 hearing loss cases every year and with no surprise, it is because of exposure to loud music and sounds. This sleeping headphone is not made to hear high volume music the latest Volume limiting technology has a built-in volume-controlled circuit that ensures that the sound level is within 90db level- recommended safety level to protect your eardrums.

3. Sleepace SleepEarphones

As mentioned in the name itself, sleep ace it is a super comfortable silk eye mask that is made up of silk+Lycra cool mesh lining and is extremely skin-friendly with added things such as light proof and breathable. The thin speaker is very comfortable to sleep with and prevents the earbuds from getting hurt. Stainless flexible 1.5 m braided cord is attached with the sleeping headphones and you can use your iPhone, Android, and other audio devices to play music in it.

Another very interesting fact about this product is that it has its automated stops and wake up calls, meaning you just need to connect the Sleepace app that will detect your sleep stage and let the music stop automatically when you have fallen asleep. This allows you to set an alarm so that you can get up on time and rush for office with a very refreshing mood. Like previous two sleeping headphones, this is also washable after you remove the portable speakers out from the fabric.

4. Lavine Sleeping headphones

Lavince is considered to be a 2 in 1 wireless sleep headphones headband that allows you to listen to high-quality music anywhere and anytime. Developed with buttons you can control these headphones with one simple operation, you can play/pause music, answer/end a call or activate any voice message. Lavince has designed this headphone headset for people who like to sleep facing either any one side. The control module is in the middle of the speaker that won’t hurt the ears, its ultra-thin flat speakers are comfortable to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side. They help to block ambient noise.

This headphone headset is highly absorbent. You can utilize this headband in sports activities like gyming, jogging and yoga. This headband is designed to absorb sweat and is highly breathable that speeds the evaporation. You will tend to feel cooler when you wear this headband due to the constructive sweat effect technology introduced in it. Lavince has 8 hours of playing time by giving a 2 hours charge. The body of the headphone is 10 inches in width and 4.3 inches long. This sleeping headphone gets fit in most of the head sizes without giving a too tight or too loose feeling.

5. AGPTEK sleeping headphone

AGPTEK has a unique shape for the eyes that blocks all the light and prevents any distraction. With adjustable adhesive tape, the headphone allows most people to wear it easily. It has good ventilation penetration and designed with soft material that allows you to wear it comfortably. You can adjust the HD audio speaker position according to your needs and position. There is a 1.5M headphone cord with a volume regulator.  AGPTEK provides a portable bag and a user manual with a 30-day free return policy and one year warranty. Solid 3.5mm audio plugin works perfectly with MP3 players, mobile phones and tablets with 59 inches braided cord

6. Panasonic RP-HS46E-K Slim

If you find the earbuds sleeping headphones too painful to wear then try Panasonic RP-HS46E-K Slim instead. The flat drivers of the headphone clips over your ear. Some Side-sleepers tend to place one earphone in between their ears, for the Panasonic’s RP-HS46E-K Slim flat driver can be a helpful one. With minimal noise reduction technology, these headphones have a reasonable amount of sound leakage, this sleeping headphone can be recommended for small naps.

7. Watotgafer Music sleep mask

Till now we have been discussing vivid features but have you ever thought that the sleeping headphone you are likely to buy can have a 3D feature compiled into it.  Watotgafer Music sleeping headphones rated 4.5 stars on Amazon have stolen a lot of attractions. This headphone mask is wireless and provides a good solution to block irrelevant noise. 3D ergonomic technology helps to block 100% light and create an absolute dark zone and gives less pressure to your eyes. The sleep headphones 3D technology has made designed with premium foam material and assisted with advanced level 5.0 Bluetooth support.

Manufacturers recommend customers to wash it by hand, because machine wash may detach the elasticity of the fabric. Extra ultra-soft padding coverage in Watotgafer Music sleeping headphones mask prevents your nose from any sneaky light from penetrating. The smooth fabric and breathable memory sponge lets you release your facial distress and help you to sleep rapidly. For side sleepers Bluetooth control is perfect. The adjustable strap is suitable for most people.

8. Asiilovi Sleep headphones

Made with 95% polyester this sleep headphone are very attractive, stylish and can be effective for insomnia treatment, consisting of both black and grey color, this sleep headphone has a built-in HD stereo speakers made specifically for enjoying music when you are sleeping.

  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable
  • Asiilovi Sleep headphones block out light and give you complete darkness like the above-mentioned headphones.

An Asiilovi Sleep headphone claims to be super durable having a 4 ft braided cord and 3.5 sturdy stereo plugs. This results in preventing the wire to twist or break under normal usage. You will be able to sync this sleeping headphone with many devices such as iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba and many more. You can even use this headphone during your workout sessions such as Yoga, meditation, etc.


1Q. Are Sleeping headphones comfortable to wear all night?

Ans: This is a very spontaneous query you might have come up within your mind while you are reading this, but you are not required to worry at all because these headphones are medically tested and built-in while keeping all the safety norms and comfort in mind.

2Q. Joseche eye mask headphones or CozyPhones sleep headphones which are best for traveling?

Ans: CozyPhones sleep headphones are much better for traveling purposes because they are lightweight, foldable and easy to carry.

3Q. Are in-ear headphones good?

Ans: Not every headphone styles are suitable for sleeping and In-ear headphones are considered to push deep inside into the canal of your ear that may result in damaging your earbuds.

4Q. Is sound important when selecting a sleeping headphone?

Ans: Yes of course, but mainly most of the brands are conscious about the DB scale, everyone allows not more than 90db sound in their sleeping headphones because higher DB can harm your earbuds. But, at the same time when it comes to good sound quality checks, you must select a smooth and inoffensive one.

5Q. How much you should spend on sleeping headphones?

Ans: Sleeping headphones are naturally not so expensive, you can easily get a hold of one within a price range of $20-50 respectively

Final words

We hope that we have successfully presented all the necessary information you are required to know about sleeping headphones. Nowadays this sleeping headphone has become a meditative cure for people who find it difficult to sleep at night. Though many doctors criticize this practice many leading companies are working on new technologies that can advance sleeping headphones over the years. People who are already using sleeping headphones have directed a positive response. If you are a first time buyer then this long read has certainly helped you.

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