MX Player Apk | Download Latest 1.14.5 for Android & Windows

Having the best video player installed on your Smartphone is the necessity today to enjoy streaming movies and videos. We love to stream videos and movies in HD quality and to experience this you need to have the best video player that supports all formats of videos and must have excellent features. This is where the MX Player App comes to limelight which is the best media player ever created. This media player is designed to deliver your high-end video viewing experience. The application can be downloaded easily on Android and iOS devices and even in PC using emulators.

MX Player App comes with a user-friendly interface, and it has the ability to play videos in all types of media formats and above all, it is totally free to use on smartphones and PC. All these features make MX Player the kind of all media players. There are also many other awesome features of this application that are worth mentioning.

MX Player App – Features

  • Supports All Types of Media Formats – As mentioned, the media player supports and runs almost all types of media formats including MPEG, MP4, FLV, AVI and more.
  • Pinch Zoom – Another great feature of the MX Player App is that it supports punch gestures like Pinch Zoom in and Zoom out features and you can make use of it while running videos on the media player.
  • Supports HD Video Playing – The media player is designed to support and run High Definition videos of 1080p resolution without any issue. So, you are not required to worry about anything while streaming movies or videos on wider screen as it delivers clear graphics, regardless of its resolution quality
  • Multi-Core Decoding – MX Player is the best ever media player that supports multi-core decoding i.e. HW, SW, and HW+. This enables you to play all long-duration full HD videos and movies on your tablet, PC and Smartphone with ease.
  • Good Looking and Clean Interface – As mentioned, the media player comes with a user-friendly interface and this allows you to navigate through all its features and functions with ease. The application quite simple to use and you won’t find any difficulty in using it.
  • Subtitle Support – The application supports subtitles that are in the editable font. You can use the application to download the English subtitles of any movie and enjoy streaming it with the subtitles immediately
  • Web Series, Movies & TV Shows – Not just it works as a media player, but also gives you access to a whole new world of entertainment. Yes the application itself has the widest collection of web series, originals, TV shows, and collection of movies that you can stream directly from the media player for free.

How to Download MX Player Apk on Android?

Well, MX Player App is totally free and you don’t have to purchase any subscription to download and use the media player. MX Player is now available for free download and installation on Google Play Store and all Android users can get this media player for free on your device directly from Play Store. So, directly go to the play store of your Android device and enter the name manually on the search bar and get the media player from there.

You have to click on the icon to start the downloading process and wait till the media player is installed on your device. Once the media player is installed you need to launch it and enjoy streaming HD quality movies and videos for free through this media player on your respective device.

How to Download MX Player App on PC?

As mentioned, there is only one way to get MX Player App on PC and this is via Android Emulator. So, you are required to have the best Android emulator on your PC first to download this media player on PC. You need to download the Android emulator that supports your Windows version and then using the emulator you need to get the media player for free on your PC.

You can enjoy the same features and benefits of MX Player on PC as well. So, if you want to enjoy the same features and HD Quality streaming on your PC, then ensure to get the App on your PC via an emulator.


MX Player App is free to use media player which is available for free. However, for more features and uninterrupted video streaming, you have to upgrade your free version to MX Player Pro which is the paid version of the media player.

However, you need to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee to make use of the pro version. So, get the media player for on your respective device to enjoy streaming movies and videos in HD quality for free or upgrade to Pro Version for more advanced features.

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