Sunday Dec 19th 2010 @Pyramid Atlantic

Bluehouzer - Dave Newhouse & Gary Rouzer & Chester Hawkins, Dora Bleu, burntsystems, Use Other Door

Bluehouzer - Dave Newhouse & Gary Rouzer & Chester Hawkins
BluehouserBLUEHOUZER is a trio which brings together the diverse sounds of Dave Newhouse (of The Muffins on keyboards, woodwinds, and other surprises), Gary Rouzer (Vector Trio, electric bass/bass cello and amplified textures), and Chester Hawkins (Blue Sausage Infant, electronics). This will be the first public performance of this particular trio, blending a wide dynamic range of flavors from avant garde jazz to acoustic minimalism and journeys into unpredictable layers of noise and space.

Dora Bleu
Dora BleuDora Bleu (Ikuisuus) is the solo project of Dorothy Geller from Axa Hour of Dora Bleu (Fire Museum), From Quagmire (VHF Records) and Laconic Chamber (Camera Obscura.) Dora Bleu is neither fully composed nor fully improvisational. Rhythmically speaking, the songs follow their own inner sense of narrative time. The guitar playing is sparse, poised and tense and never more than suggestively melodic. Above the guitar lay vocals that comprise uneven compositions filled stark silences. The songs intend to violate the concept of genre, to infuse storytelling and text, interspersing violent feeling and vulnerability, the raw and unprotected and intensely emotional. The lyrics explore the darker caverns of the psyche, in the places of experience where the capitalist war state replenishes itself. Dora has collaborated with Tom Carter, Sam Shalabi, Alexandre St-Onge, Alexei Borisov, Anton Nikkila, Simon Wickham Smith and Helena Espvall-Santoleri among others.

Could have been the advent of techno through disco back in the late 70’s or that sampler from Radio shack got on layaway when he was a kid. (Thanks to his Dad) or watching his uncle playing the piano and singing his head off in Oslo, Norway when he was 2-3. Or his Mom’s choir practice from ages 0-30. A musician and an artist for certain. Taught classical violin and piano and joined the chorus team at an early age-influenced by Classical, Disco, techno, electro, hip hop (was known to break dance in the 80’s when it was called “rap”) rave, happy hardcore, goa, jungle, trance, punk, gothic metal (SOM), metal, ambient (ORB), acid jazz (Calypso from N’Orleans) electro clash, Johnny Cash, hair bands, Air bands, Big Bands and rubber bands. You name it. Programming, sequencing & sampling began when the early bands (burnt republic-burnt!) would break up, or our live band members or sit in MUSICIANS would not show up for practice, or were too drunk to play-so Christian V. would program their parts (drums initially on the R-70) code named "megabyte" Samples for bass or guitars (MAC-MC 303 Or an older Yamaha Y-Series) and he would keep on trucking! He was taught by a midi master named Bob Bozak, of the artist formerly known as Prince era.

Use Other Door
USE OTHER DOOR (Dzmitry Zhykh, Veranika Hryn) is an experimental duo from The Republic of Belarus who currently reside in the United States. "You can never step in the same river twice... but at least you can record it"--- the main conception of what we do. We make music using analogue circuitries, synthesizers, radiowaves, squeaky toys, voices, self-made instruments, lots of experiments.

Sunday Dec 19th 2010 @ 7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

~ $8.00

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD