Saturday Dec 14th 2013 @Pyramid Atlantic

Ed Baldi, Carlos Guillen, Frank Vanaman, Tone Ghosting, Fast not Safe

Sonic Circuits presents an evening of electronic music curated by Dave Vosh, (MD3E)

ed baldi - "Improvisations on Prophet 10, with modified filter on the upper fifth voice"
Electronic musician and composer, Ed Baldi, will be taking his vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 out for a drive through a musical landscape. Come and enjoy the lush wonders of this truly breathtaking instrument.

carlos guillen - the expanding man
THE EXPANDING MAN is Carlos Guillen, Sound Designer & Musician living in Baltimore. He combines his love of early jazz rock fusion & electronic music & equipment to create modern instrumental music that combines electric guitar & high-energy drum sequencing.

frank vanaman
Frank Vanaman is the sole human member of the Nuclear Insect Trio. Born in Washington, DC and now residing in the Baltimore area, Vanaman relies on a background that focuses, rather perversely, on an appreciation for popular music and jazz of the 1920s-1930s to inform his more abstract improvisations.

jeff bagato - tone ghosting
Analog synth experiments from member of Stylus and Croniamantal ensembles.

fast not safe
2/3 of the d.c. trio "safe fast and effective" making another intermittent foray into audio chaos, panic and disorder. their work together encompasses the best area`s of their solo and other group efforts into a new eclectic whole. Dave Vosh has been experimenting with electronic music since the 1970s and live performance since 2005 in various solo, duo and trio projects involving modular synthesizers and other devices.

Keith Sinzinger builds and plays electronic and percussion instruments. A lifelong newsman, he aims to integrate contemporary conflict into his compositions. File under: Intense Ambient.

Plus short films during intermission:

1. Sunrise Fires - Lorenzo Gattorna
2013, 16mm-to-digital, b/w and color, sound, 6.5m
In early September 1995 the Sunrise Wildfire was extinguished. 7,000 acres had burned during the peak of the tourist season yet nobody was killed. The aggravated assault swept from one side of Sunrise Highway to the other without the slightest hesitance. Another series of severe brush fires ignited 17 years later and became known as the Brookhaven Blaze. The outbreak left around 2,000 acres torched. The wild ruin and regrowth were revisited within The Central Pine Barrens, the largest natural area on Long Island and its last remaining wilderness.

2. The Sea [is still] Around Us - Hope Tucker
4 minutes, HD, US, 2012
The postcard of a vacation spot usually enhances the reality. The contrast is more stark in Corinna, Maine, a former woolen mill town on the shores of Lake Sebasticook, where unregulated dumping of pesticides and industrial waste contaminated the water supply.

3. Morning at Xuanwu Lake - Chris H Lynn
Super 8mm to digital, b/w, silent, 2.00 Minutes
Lyrical views are captured on an early morning at Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing, China

Saturday Dec 14th 2013 @ 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD