Saturday Dec 12th 2015 @Pyramid Atlantic

Bérangère Maximin, Black Saturn, Blind : Out : Dated, Akousma, Valerie Kuehne, Destroyer of Worlds

Bérangère Maximin
Bérangère Maximin makes spacious colorful music. A sonic sculptress of exception, she started out in an academic environment with an electroacoustic training, and has gradually incorporated the contribution of post-punk, dub and sound art experiments to develop a hyper-personal style, producing sensual, hypnotic, sultry pieces with immediate impact. Bérangère naturally drew inspiration from composers such as François Bayle, Luc Ferrari, Eliane Radigue and has also listened to a lot of early electronica and glitch music. She went on to develop her own approach, both to studio recording and to live performance. Dangerous Orbits is Bérangère Maximin's fourth album, and her first for Crammed Discs' Made To Measure series.

Valerie Kuehne
Valerie Kuehne is a cellist and performance artist. She was once told that, "if this music thing doesn’t work out, she’d probably make an awesome cult leader." (Boston Public Space). Ms. Kuehne’s work operates under principles of surprise, and investigates obsession, comedy, decay, forensic pathology, sex, hypnogogia, and Christianity. She created and composed the ensemble Dream Zoo and is one third of the improvised music trio Prehistoric Horse. Ms. Kuehne has been seen in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Webster Hall, Judson Memorial Church, Brigham Young University, the Stone, Highline Ballroom, the Berlin Zoologischer Garten, and the NYC Subway. She has participated, as an artist and/or curator, in international festivals such as the Month of Performance Art in Berlin, the experi-MENTAL festival, X-fest, the Boise Improvised and Creative Music Festival, the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, and The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival.

Blind : Out : Dated
Gary Rouzer – cello, preparations
Nicolas Wiese - pre-produced electroacoustic treatment of Gary Rouzer recordings.
This is a blind date. Duo or solo? Gary Rouzer interacts live on stage with a pre-produced stereo piece by an absent artist, having never heard any of the material before this premier performance. All acousmatic / pre-produced sounds have been conceived by Nicolas Wiese in his Berlin studio, exclusively out of Rouzer's cello recordings. Wiese came up with a variable compositional structure, consisting of several short movements, leaving plenty of room for different ways of live interaction, and being open to future transfigurations. This is the debut performance of a continuing project that will eventually present both musicians in the same room but first a blind date will take place out in the open.

Gary’s statement: “I first met Nicolas Wiese on Myspace in 2006 thru the trio HSW. I was intrigued by the trio’s approach to combining acoustic and electronic information.The raw material that Nicolas transforms live by digital and analogue devices, is from a prerecorded improvisation between double bassist John Hughes and saxophonist Lars Scherzberg. The bass and sax are ‘constantly confronted with their electronically alienated reflections’. Nicolas and I met in person for the first time in 2012, when I played in Berlin.”

Nicolas’s statement: »Gary has a wide variety of musical vocabulary and I observe three elements crossing in his work: playful curiosity, (»classical«) seriousness, and a kind of Zen calmness (the latter I would also attribute to his social personality). Anyone who understands music, will understand that these elements don't necessarily contradict each other. They can fertilize and catalyze one another. This is the momentum from which I pick up bits of Gary's material, to generate something else that still bears the character of the origin.«

Akousma: Real-time modular composition for analogue synthesizer (Dave Vosh) and double bass (Daniel Barbiero).

Dave Vosh has been experimenting with electronic and experimental music since the 1970s and evolved an aesthetic oriented towards live performance and interacting with self-generating forms since 2005. His influences derive from the new music and art movements of the 50s/60s/70s including things like aleatorics and process automation.

A native of New Haven, CT, double bassist and composer Daniel Barbiero has been active in improvised and experimental music and dance in the Baltimore-Washington area for many years as a performer, composer and bricoleur.

Black Saturn
Black Saturn is the fourth dimensional pseudonym of musician Ned Jackson.Described as a financial crisis Sun-Ra with folk wisdom eccentricities, merged with interplanetary black consciousness & bleak recession era urban reality in reviews of his last album"Ned Jackson is my Little Brother"(ALRN030) .Black Saturn's self-coined "WordSound Engineer" flow encompassing experimental hiphop,industrial & noise with the omnipresent influence of dub.Has graced stages in France,Italy,Austria,Germany,Switzerland & Belgium.The midwestern United States,New York, & past Sonic Circuit events.Black Saturn is based in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington d.c.

Destroyer of Worlds (Beau Finley & Ivan Khilko)
Psychedelic noise from DC and NYC, consisting of a mix of improvisation and heavily structured pieces. Instrumentation includes synthesizers, feedback mixing, handmade equipment, and occasional stringed instruments.

Saturday Dec 12th 2015 @ 7:30 p.m. - 2 a.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD