Wednesday Nov 17th 2010 @Pyramid Atlantic

Cheer Accident, Matta Gawa

This band simply needs to be seen! Bountiful musicianship, crafty songwriting, satisfyingly counfounding time signature changes, well-developed ideas- One of the most creative and solid rock bands you could possibly watch, anywhere. 30 year veterans of the underground, always ahead of their times. They've had a number of different incarnations (including members of Chicago noise rock bands Dazzling Killmen, US Maple, etc.) and accordingly, their sound has been wildly eclectic over the years- in fact, from tune to tune (and even verse to verse!) on their albums. Electroacoustic cutups blend into grinding ostinato bass riff- etc. The drumming is awesome. Fittingly, they've found a home with Cuneiform Records to release an album (Fear Draws Misfortune) with some of their most outright 'prog' and 'mature' music yet- Check them out!

"CHEER-ACCIDENT began literally in the opening seconds of 1981 during a New Year's Eve brainstorming party. A few months later (thanks to a bin in a Hallmark shop in Palatine, IL) they found themselves a name.

The next few years entailed a lot of craft-honing, as CHEER-ACCIDENT (a close-knit group of friends who got together to record their songs, compositions, and improvisations) felt no obligation to subject the rest of the world to their clandestine operations. In 1987, this all changed. Well, they began to perform live, anyway. The late '80s and early '90s saw CHEER-ACCIDENT consistently playing the role of the "wrong" part of what was wrong in this or that picture of the Chicago music scene. CHEER-ACCIDENT put the "post" in "post-punk"... and nobody cared.

However, when a sort of Modern Renaissance erupted in Chicago during the mid-90s, CHEER-ACCIDENT was already there with the question: What took you so long? Indeed, the reckless eclecticism that was born in that decade, and continues today, suits CHEER-ACCIDENT just fine.

Their live performances and recordings range from unforgettable pop music to complex progressive rock composition to "pointless theatrics" to noise.

Drums (Samuel T Lohman) & Guitar (Edward J Ricart) Improvised Astral Cartography.

MATTA GAWA is an improvising drums+guitar duo hailing from Washington DC. Building with time and texture, their music is deeply connected to the methods and spirit of jazz, while retaining the electric backbone of creative rock music. Loosely translated, MATTA GAWA means river of moments- an apt description for their spontaneously composed flow of singing guitars, free-form drumming, howling feedback, sub-blasting bass, stagger-stepped odd-time signatures, polyrhythmic beatrock + guitar solos.

Both founder members of DC’s New Atlantis Collective of musicians, drummer Sam Lohman has also worked with early NYHC legends Sheer Terror, the Radon Collective, Steve Mackay of the Stooges, and the Acid Mothers Temple. Guitarist Ed Ricart works with Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Peter Brotzmann, Herb Robertson, Jason Ajemian, G. Calvin Weston, Steve Swell, and members of avant rock legends Fugazi.

Their debut album, 'Ba' (the Egyptian word for 'Soul') was released October 12 on Engine Studios (an ESP-DISK sub-label with international distribution).

Matta Gawa will head on tour with the legendary percussionist, William Hooker, in February of 2011.

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Wednesday Nov 17th 2010 @ 9 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD