Saturday Nov 5th 2011 @Pyramid Atlantic

Anduin, Dream Zoo, Pet Bottle Ningen, Blue Sausage Infant, Benoit Maubrey, Sex Complex, String Gone Deaf

Jonathan Lee is a musician and artist living in Richmond VA. As Anduin, he creates dark, pulsating electronics soaked in layers of synths, samples, and field recordings. His live performances and gallery installations include a variety of self-made sets, sculptures, and props. In the dark, people create their own mythos out of these fragments with the changing lights, movements, and musical soundscapes helping them along the way. He has collaborated with a number of other artists including Jimmy Ghaphery (New Loft), Erik K Skodvin (Deaf Center, Svarte Greiner), Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX), Stephen Vitiello, Molly Berg, Stefan Nemeth (Radian, Lokai), Noah Saval, John Twells (Type Records, Xela), Gareth Davis, and his own experimental band Souvenir's Young America. He currently has 5 musical releases under the Anduin moniker, some of which have appeared on Best of Lists for publications like The Wire Magazine (UK), Textura Magazine (CA), and Playground Magazine (ES).

Pet Bottle NingenPet Bottle Ningen
Pet Bottle Ningen is an avant-garde rocketship which journeys through musical worlds of composition featuring three of New York City's finest young "Downtown" musicians, saxophonist Nonoko Yoshida, guitarist Dave Scanlon and drummer Dave Miller. A first meeting improvisation in October of 2009 between Scanlon and longtime associates Yoshida and Miller at Brooklyn's D.I.Y. space Death By Audio led to months of workshopping ideas, composing new music, playing shows, and a 3 island tour of Japan during August 2010. Described by Dither guitarist Josh Lopes as "hyper specific, hyper non-specific music" PBN's repertoire features a diverse world of sketches, melody, counterpoint, rhythm, noise and sonic curiosity which are displayed on their debut recording on Tzadik records, available the summer of 2011.

Dream Zoo
Valerie KuehneValerie Kuehne is an electrically charged virtuoso of all purpose cello. Dynamic performer, fearless improviser, songwriter, vocalist, and classically trained connoisseur of Bach and Britten, Valerie can be found playing incessant shows in NYC and beyond, where she devotes formidable heart, intellect, creativity, and time to cross-pollinating sundry genres. Armed with finesse, Valerie is impressively present on stage, rendering poignant punctuations of changeable emotional weather. In any setting, her instrument aches with human implications and fiendish alien fuel. Dream Zoo pays homage to the lieder and sprechstimme of old while unapologetically dropping it on it's head. You might call it avant-garde storytelling. You might also deem it a warning for those who follow their dreams.

Benoit Maubrey
Benoit MaubreyBenoit Maubrey (born in Washington DC 1952, since 1979 works and lives in Berlin and Brandenburg/Germany) is a sound artist/sculptor and founder and director of DIE AUDIO GRUPPE a Berlin-based art group that build and perform with electronic clothes. Basically these are electro-acoustic clothes and dresses (equipped with amplifiers and loudspeakers) that make sounds by interacting thematically and acoustically with their environment. He will present the solo performance ELECTRONIC GUY which consists of "playing" his electroacoustic dinner jacket (with tails) along with build-in sampler, microphone, radio, guitar amp and solar cell.

String Gone Deaf
String Gone Deaf is the collaborative effort of Jenna Barvitski (violin) and Kyle Farrell (vibraphone). Together they work to merge improvisation and composition to create a new musical dialogue as a response to things in nature that are blue, such as the sky, certain types of algae and water.

BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT is the long-running project of Chester Hawkins of Washington DC. The goal of BSI is to invoke a transcendent (yet slightly paranoid) euphoric state by means of dark ambient drones, motorik grooves, epic walls of noise, kosmische electronics, or when fleshed out to a full band, soaring space-rock jams. From this, BSI attempts to create a new breed of psychedelia, with roots in early '70s krautrock, but with feet firmly planted in the NOW...
In April of 2011, Blue Sausage Infant released the LP "Negative Space" on the Zeromoon label: "Think Neu!, Cluster, Hawkind or, if that's more familiar, an instrumental piece by The Legendary Pink Dots, while the closing piece 'Subferal' is a subtle menacing piece. Three excellent pieces of cosmic/krautrock like music, excellently produced and with great style and care. What more can you possibly want?" ~ Vital Weekly
For this event, BSI will perform a special set of material from the forthcoming LP in the Pyramid Atlantic bank vault. Expect a deeply immersive sonic third-eye massage. Floor pillows, blankets, and soft/fluffy whatnot will be provided. Standing will be gently forbidden.

Saturday Nov 5th 2011 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD