Saturday Oct 27th 2012 @Pyramid Atlantic

Cactus Truck, Steve Moore, Immanent Voiceless, Zeitlos

Cactus Truck
Cactus Truck creates startlingly intense music, not merely in terms of volume or velocity but through complete physical/psychological surrender. One can find hints of delta blues, early free jazz, Japanese noise, and no wave in the music. Cactus Truck is based in Amsterdam and they’ve collaborated frequently with members of The Ex, including Terrie Ex, Andy Moor, Arnold de Boer (ZEA) and Colin McLean, as well as Ab Baars, Han Bennink, Dave Rempis, Jeb Bishop, Peter Jacquemyn, Teun Verbruggen, Gerri Jaeger (Knalpot) and Jon Rune Strøm. Their first official album entitled Brand New For China! was released in March 2012 on Public Eyesore Records.
JOHN DIKEMAN, saxophones
JASPER STADHOUDERS, guitar and bass

Steve Moore
Synthesist Steve Moore is one half of the noted 70s-inspired, synth/prog duo Zombi. In addition to the five albums released by Zombi, he has a prolific and thriving solo career, releasing music that ranges from electronica/dance to trance music. Light Echoes is Moore's debut on Cuneiform and is a 70' long electronic meditation, a continuation of the German 'cosmic music' made famous in the 70s, but with today's aesthetic and Moore's own affinities firmly in place.

Immanent Voiceless
Ivan Khilko is a DC-based composer and video artist. In his solo project, Immanent Voiceless, Khilko explores themes of discreteness and continuity and especially the liminality between these two states. This is accomplished through manipulation of live instruments, found sound, radio broadcasts and samples into drones and musical events which interact throughout the course of a piece. When played live, IV’s music is often fleshed out with the help of musical collaborators and occasionally video. Khilko also plays in the metal bands Forgetting and Drugs of Faith and has composed a number of film soundtracks.

Structured improvisation for electronics and strings--sonic action painting exploring a broad palette of colors and textures.
Pat Gillis: analogue synths & effects processing.
Daniel Barbiero: double bass
A native of New Haven, CT, double bassist and composer Daniel Barbiero has been active in improvised and experimental music and dance in the Baltimore-Washington area for several years as a performer, composer and ensemble leader. His music reflects his background in minimal, modal and non-genre specific improvisation, and interest in verbal, graphic and other non-standard methods of scoring for small ensembles. His creative activities have included leading and composing for the ensembles Shape Memory Alloy, Third Object Orchestra, and The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra; he has released work under his own name and with Ictus Records percussionist Andrea Centazzo, Blue Note recording artist Greg Osby, pianist Nobu Stowe, and electronic sound artist Steve Hilmy. Ongoing collaborations include work with the trio Colla Parte (with saxophonist Perry Conticchio and percussionist Rich O’Meara) the duo nine_strings (with sound artist Gary Rouzer) and the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group. His newest release, Not One Nor, is out on Zeromoon Records.
Pat Gillis began performing as TL0741 in January 2005, presenting structured improvisations on analogue modular synthesizer and effects combined with pre-recorded material. The sounds of TL0741’s alchemical multiverse arise from everywhere: nocturnal insects, incomprehensible voicemails, obscure antique pornos, treated instruments and decontextualized / processed location recordings. Synthesizers are persistently exploited for drones, unstable automata and inharmonic gestures harnessed from the electrons. By design, no two performances of the same piece are alike. Recordings of these have been the basis of each new CD release or fodder for further manipulation deployed in entirely new material.

Saturday Oct 27th 2012 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD