Friday Sep 30th 2016 @Rhizome

Golden Retriever, Propan, Chester Hawkins

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever is a pure noise-improv outfit from Oslo, Norway who plays hard-hitting noise with drums, guitar and electronics. GR has toured extensively in Europe and did a short stint in the US last year. The music is usually balls-to-the-walls harsh noise but with strong elements of Black Metal, punk and Japanoise. Both musicians are frequent improvisers on the Norwegian scene and have a long history of putting on fiery live shows. 2015 also saw the release two albums, "Total Crack Attack" a full lenght LP mixed and mastered by Norwegian noise legend Lasse Marhaug, and the triple live cd "Landmark, Checkpoint Charlie, Revolver".

Propan is a vocal duo with two of Oslo's young female improvisers. Utilising, feedback, loops and an extended reportoire of vocal techniques they make otherworldly, rapturous music. Known for their mesmerizing sound and freakish vocal sounds they've been refining a distinct approach to improvised music.
Propan released their debut EP "Velur" in 2015 and are currently finishing their second release, a full lenght album.

Chester Hawkins
Active since 1985. Formerly of Pythagoras and Blue Sausage Infant, veteran of improvised psychedelic music in Washington DC. Now without a preposterous alias and focusing on more challenging perversions of cinematic composition. Using any mixture of modular synths, analog electronics, prepared stringed instruments, and musique concrète sources, the results can be equally euphoric and bitterly paranoid.

Friday Sep 30th 2016 @ 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.

~ $10

6950 Maple Street NW, Washington DC, DC