Sunday Sep 23rd 2012 @Strathmore Mansion

Lorelei, Tone, Blue Sausage Infant

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Veteran DC instrumental force of nature

Based in the tumultuous surroundings of Washington, D.C., Tone has deconstructed the conventions of a band for over 20 years. Tone began in 1991 by creating compositions with the tools afforded to most bands – drum heads, vibrating strings, and vacuum tubes, relentlessly exploring the often unpredictable but always epic path of a dedicated instrumental ensemble.

The band has swelled at times to multiple guitars and bass, coupled with double drummers, as well as having collaborated with classically trained string and horn players. Never has the line up defined the character of the band, rather it has afforded them the means to further subvert what a ‘traditional’ line up is supposed to be capable of, and this is in the years before the post rock explosion. As this movement gathered force, many bands for which TONE had laid the foundation would later come to share the stage with them: Mono, Explosions In The Sky, Do Make Say Think, Maserati, and godspeed you ! black emperor. 

Tone has produced six albums and countless performances that play with dynamics the way others play with melody and often playing with melody like an eccentric mathematician. The range of sound used by the band has as much to say to composers Arvo Part or Giya Kancheli as it does to sound artists Tarentel or Labradford. The band is known for guitar-based instrumentals that rely on dynamic contrast and textures not normally found in rock music. As Rolling Stone described their performance at the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in 2010: “TONE (DC): three guitar post-rock army fills every available space with sound, makes an outdoor show sound like an indoor show.”

From the fall of 2004 thru the spring of 2006, Tone collaborated with Bowen McCauley Dance Company, resulting in numerous performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, a festival appearance in Aachen, Germany, and a set of intense new works. At the onset of 2011, Tone was privileged to revive the piece “Telemetry” in support of Bowen McCauley’s 15th Anniversary.

Tone is a collective that over the years has become confident enough in their voice that they do not need to play to win, they play to keep playing. The idea of the infinite game or never ending conversation has been ever present in this music. Yet, with all of this being said, in the end Tone is a ensemble of people playing what they hear, so that they can hear what they play. The rest of us are just lucky enough to listen in. 

TONE's latest recording – “Priorities” – available April, 2012, from The Kora Records.
Previous recordings are available from Dischord, Independent Project, and Neurot Recordings.
PRIORITIES - 2012 (The Kora Records)
SOLIDARITY - 2006 (Neurot Records)
AMBIENT METALS - 2003 (Dischord)
STRUCTURE - 2000 (Dischord)
SUSTAIN - 1996 (Independent Project Records)
BUILD - 1994 (Independent Project Records)

After a series of line up changes in 1990-91, Lorelei settled into the present trio of Matt Dingee, Stephen Gardner and Davis White in October 1991. Lorelei released several recordings on Slumberland Records, including the 1994 LP, "Everyone Must Touch the Stove." Lorelei often played live with Slumberland labelmates - the Ropers, Small Factory, Whorl, Velocity Girl, Honeybunch, Jane Pow, the Swirlies and the Lily's - along with the likes of The Wedding Present, Slowdive, Bailter Space, Live, Unrest, Laika, Boyracer and Labradford. Following the release of "Everyone Must Touch the Stove" the members decided to move to different coasts and disband in 1996. From there, they went off to pursue other projects including LU, Chessie, Camping and RDK. In 2003, three unfinished basic tracks were given some polish and released as the "Informed By The Future" 12" on Matt's Textilesounds imprint. In 2006, the three found themselves living back in Washington, DC and began playing and writing together again. Lorelei returned for their first show in 10 years on October 25th, 2006 and has not looked back. The second LP "Enterprising Sidewalks" is newly released on Slumberland records. The record features their unique unbalanced rhythms and above the fold guitar brashness, coupled with a new willingness to include introspection in the lyrics and a different flavor of deconstruction in the arrangements. The band has played recent dates in California and New York.

Blue Sausage Infant
is the work of Chester Hawkins of Washington DC. Since 1986, BSI has produced music that combines aspects of noise, drone, Krautrock, dark ambient, and analog kosmische electronics to produce a deep feast for the brain. Hawkins describes his music as "mean-spirited euphoria," an improvised form of psychedelia with a glaze of paranoid tension. BSI's 2011 album "Negative Space" was nominated for France's Qwartz Award for experimental music. For this performance at Strathmore Mansion, expect a heady cocktail of sonic bliss and terror, mixed somewhat on the fly by a bartender with nothing to lose...

Sunday Sep 23rd 2012 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

~ $10

Strathmore Mansion
10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD