Tuesday Sep 13th 2011 @MiG Bar

Prefest Fundraiser! Slutwalk, Lost Civilizations & Immanent Voiceless

Slut Walk
Slut Walk Erica Fallin is a multi-instrumentalist whose tools includes flute, guitar (classical and electric), electric bass, and piano. Erica is a veteran of the Bay Area music scene, where she played with Vacuum Tree Head for almost two decades and also regularly participated in Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra!. Erica has appeared on dozens of recordings, including the double LP Live From the Afterworld [Recordings from the Afterworld Lounge 1991 - 1993] and Wavelength Infinity, a Sun Ra tribute album.
Alex Braden's guitar-centered sound explores intricacy on both the tonal and rhythmic planes. His rhythms go well beyond western, obvious, or symmetrical patterns, delving into the mysterious realms of unconventional syncopation, intriguing juxtapositions of odd-numbered sequences, and swirling layers of pleasant melodic confusion.
Thomas Stanley (a/k/a Bushmeat) is an assistant professor of Sound Art and Consciousness in the School of Art at George Mason University. Stanley has attempted to exploit the capacity of sound and music for anchoring, framing, and energizing our subjective experience of macrotemporal texture (history). Stanley is a founding member of Transparent Productions, a non-profit volunteer collective that has produced 100s of improvised jazz and experimental music concerts throughout the DC metro area since 1997. He has played music with Seif Abdoun, Marshall Allen, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Joe Bowie, Vattel Cherry, William Hooker, Susie Ibarra, Elliott Levin, Magpie, Shu-ni Tsou, Leo Svirsky, and Tom Wisner.

Lost Civilizations
Lost Civilizations The Lost Civilizations experimental music project is a collaboration between Mike Sebastian (tenor sax, saxello and bass clarinet) and T. A. Zook (bass cello and miscellaneous instruments). The project began in 2008, and has since performed widely in the D.C. and Baltimore area, often with noted artists such as Doug Kallmeyer (bass), Larry Gomez (percussion), Susan Alcorn (pedal steel), Janel Leppin (cello), Anthony Piorg (guitar), Aaron Martin (alto sax), Mark Merella (percussion), Emre Katari (percussion), Jason Mullinax (percussion), Andrea Centazzo (percussion) and Randy Ward (cello). All of the performances of the Lost Civilizations experimental music project are unscored, unrehearsed and extemporaneously improvised on the spot. Special guest: Angela Morrish
A free, full-length recording of a Lost Civilizations experimental music project performance is posted at http://www.archive.org/details/oz033.

Immanent Voiceless
Immanent Voiceless is the audiovisual project of Ivan Khilko, currently based in Washington, DC. Khilko combines various sound sources (guitar, field recordings, vinyl samples, etc.) into fragile, immmersive drones that are often complemented by the playing of like-minded collaborators. In a logical extension of working with video artists in performance, Khilko has recently begun producing visuals himself, capturing images through an innovative filming technique and arranging them in structures similar to the audio. http://www.myspace.com/immanentvoiceless

All proceeds benefit Sonic Circuits 2011 Festival.

Tuesday Sep 13th 2011 @ 8 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.

~ $5

MiG Bar
2226 18th ST NW, upstairs, Washington DC, DC