Saturday Aug 27th 2011 @Pyramid Atlantic

Festival Benefit Show - CANCELED

Show canceled due to poor weather conditions

Andrea Pensado
Andrea Pensado is an Argentinian sound artist, performer, composer and teacher. She started studying music in Argentina and continued in Cracow (Poland) where she lived for 10 years. Her pieces then varied from pure instrumental to mixed genres (instrumental theatre, live electronics, text sound compositions). In 1997, Pensado moved back to Buenos Aires where she crystallized her interests in real-time interaction and interdisciplinarity by co-founding Qfwfq Duo along with Gregory Kowalski (in charge of the images). The duo channeled most of her artistic work from 1999 to 2009. Presently, she mainly plays solos and has performed with, among others: I'd M Thfft Able, Forbes Graham, Walter Wright, Jules Vasylenko, Audrey Chen, Dave Ross, Lou Cohen, Todd Brunel, Junko Simons and Luther Gray. She has been featured in Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Germany, Austria, France and the US where she currently lives.

Adriana de los Santos, Argentina
Born in Entre Ríos, where she made her first music studies. Since 1978 she has been deeply involved in shaping new music throughout Latin America.
Adriana de los Santos will perform using a toba violin with electronics (the tobas are an ethnic group from the north of Argentina). She will also use home made motors especially built to process acoustic instruments, mostly the piano, and a table with different types of home objects.
She says: "The reality of our countries makes it very difficult to work with new technologies. This fact has a direct influence in my aesthetic choices both working alone or in groups. The idea is to produce music which represents our socioeconomic reality and its impact in our culture. This is just one more way of the activism I am involved with not only in music but in all movements which defend the rights of musicians and artists in Argentina and the rest of Latin America."

Kristian Derek Ball
Since 1995, Kristian Derek Ball has been a Sound Artist, Designer and Engineer. His artistic works and International collaborations span 5 continents. He is currently the professor of Sound Design and Technology for the Department of Theatre at Lehigh University and Audio Coordinator at Zoellner Arts Center.

Colla Parte
Colla Parte –loosely translated, “with the lead voice”—a kind of music in which sounds interweave in a free counterpoint of constantly changing lead and counter-lead voices—a braiding of melodies around each other in improvised polyphony. Colla Parte the ensemble is a trio consisting of (in alphabetical order) Daniel Barbiero (double bass), Perry Conticchio (reeds), and Rich O’Meara (vibes and percussion).

A.M. Salad
A.M. Salad is an ever-changing sound sculpture set in motion, currently existing at a junction between energized, chaotic rumble and waves of trance inducing drone; a moody, schizo-sensory treatment fusing meditation and destruction. Sounds are teased from mic’d wire, metal, tools, assemblages, faulty electronics, junk instruments and utilitarian objects not generally associated with sound as a primary function. Since 1994 A.M. Salad has been the solo project of Keith Childress who currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kuschty Rye Ergot
Kuschty Rye Ergot is the new project from long-time DC-area multi-instrumentalist/vocalist John Stanton. A collective as opposed to a fixed lineup, performances range from drifty slowburn Popol Vuh-ish watercolour solo guitar/synth constructs to full-blown ensemble sonic exhaust blasts, along with occasional stripped-down acoustic folk musings. Elements of many of Stanton’s wide-ranging previous efforts (Redeemers, Cash Slave Clique, Nik Turner/Harvey Bainbridge of Hawkwind, Spaceseed) are in evidence, refracted via a prism of spatial folk, electronics, and whatever else the lineup du jour shakes loose from their collective tree. A universe where Ronnie Lane and COB channel Dome and Peter Hammill? You decide. In addition, John sometimes performs as a member of DC improv-psych band Kouhotek, playing guitar, synth, electric piano, and other instruments.
“This is a pretty incredible recording, a multi-layered trip through American Primitive guitar, howling peyote ritual, Folkways environmental sounds and the kind of DIY madmanisms of Charlie Nothing before cohering into some fantastic pulse-based psychedelic rock.” (Volcanic Tongue)

Saturday Aug 27th 2011 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD