Tuesday Aug 9th 2011 @Bella

Travis Johns, Myo, Borborites

Travis Johns
Travis Johns is a composer and sound artist from San Francisco, Ca., currently living in San José, Costa Rica. Using a combination of processed field recordings, prepared guitar and homebuilt analog electronics, he attempts to weave textural tapestries of gestures, thoughts and experiences into a singular mass of infinite sonic possibilities, often nested somewhere between the stylistic footholds of free improvisation, dark ambient and harsh noise - sounding something like the distant swarming of well oiled mechanical bees woven with fissures of dark tones and noise rips. Active in the field of experimental music for nearly a decade, Johns' music has been performed to a variety of audiences in the US and abroad, sharing bills with a varied cast of musicians, ranging from Nels Cline to Zbingiew Karkowski to Caroliner Rainbow, with releases on numerous record labels including Thinktank Media, Vox Novus and Shinkoyo Records. For sounds and information on both Johns and his work, please go to vauxflores.com, as well as travisjohns.bandcamp.com.

Tuesday Aug 9th 2011 @ 8 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.

~ $5.00

900 Florida Avenue NW, Washington DC, DC