Friday Jul 31st 2015 @Pyramid Atlantic

PAS Musique, VV/LD TØR∇S, Chuck Johnson, The Big Drum In The Sky Religion

Pas Musique

Pas Musique is a group which creates musical output through the form of abstract sound. The term ‘Pas Musique’ translates to ‘not music’ in french, metaphorically negating everything that is established in music and starts from a clean perspective. The viewpoint fuels our creativity to create our own world of beauty. The aesthetic underpinnings are defined by the notion that music can be whatever the ear perceives. It’s a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It’s a desire for honest artistic self-expression.

with/performance artists:
WT invention is an eccentric female and male counterparts and collaborative spawn, in a descent into an apocalyptic abyss of digital and sculptural artifice, working with the inbreeding of the Capitol Beltway, in a subsequent discomfort of the Cold War between Russian lines crashing, Mental contortion in the Southern US, holes left in Spanish worm gradual numbness suburban, urban hyper-stimulation, etc, etc.

Chuck Johnson
Chuck Johnson is a composer and musician residing in Oakland, CA. He approaches his work with an ear towards finding faults and instabilities that might reveal latent beauty, with a focus on American Primitive fingerstyle guitar, experimental electronics, and minimalist composition. Recordings of his work have been published by Strange Attractors Audio House, Communion, Amish, Merge, Umbrella, Phaserprone, Squealer and Three Lobed. Johnson has performed with Eugene Chadbourne, Frank Gratkowsi, Peter Kowald, Miya Masaoka, and Pauline Oliveros, among others. He has performed at the Hopscotch Music Festival (Raleigh, NC), the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Siren Fest (New York), BENT (New York), the Festival of New American Music (Sacramento), Music for People and Thingamajigs (San Francisco), and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Johnson’s credits as a film composer include scores for several feature-length films, such as Brett Ingram’s award-winning Monster Road and Cynthia Hill’s Guestworker. In 2009 he received an MFA in Electronic Music and Intermedia Art from Mills College. Johnson views his current work – both electronic and acoustic – as folk minimalism. In addition to solo performance, Johnson collaborates with Danishta Rivero in the electroacoustic duo Blood Wedding, and he lectures in Computer Music and Music Technology at University of the Pacific.

The Big Drum In The Sky Religion
The Big Drum In The Sky Religion is a band, of sorts, loosely organized around founder and constant member Brown Hat, the Espresso Shaman. Other individuals may come and go, participating as much or as little as is good for them, in various ways. They may or may not have any religious beliefs. Pseudonyms help us maintain our anonymity. There is no set line-up and no specific instrumentation. The sound created is mostly improvisational and inevitably “experimental”, for lack of a better term, tending toward the long and noisy, all the better to disorient and spiritualize you with, my dears. Post-modern shamanism is our gimmick. We refer to and use any and all of the world’s religions, believing in all of them equally, but the post-modern is when we live and shamanism is the form we take, it being a specificity of animism which is the reality we inhabit. We appear in masks and medicine hats, enter spastic trance states and speak in tongues. Believing that any attempt by humans to reach divinity is inherently absurd, we embrace absurdity.

Friday Jul 31st 2015 @ 9 p.m. - 11:37 p.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD