Saturday Jun 26th 2010 @Pyramid Atlantic

Xambuca, This Bag is Not A Toy, Gum Yummy, Nagamo

X A M B U C A is an ongoing multimedia collective of a constant Chandra Shukla with help from several other trusted authoritites; namely RK Faulhaber, Dave Jones (Sturgeon Hoof), Elisa Faires, Larry Thrasher, Todd Mellors(Saifir), M.S. Waldron along with the video expertise of Jason Scott Furr. The crew has been seen if not heard sonically feeding the beast known as X A M B U C A.

X A M B U C A is not limited to any particular style or category of music and would like to establish that it not be limited to the confines of musical categorization...experimental you say? Well we've experimented and know the possibility of most usable sonic results. So has the rest of mankind now that we together embark upon the footprints of human unoriginality.

As the name implies, X A M B U C A, is a non-sensical arrangement of letters spelling out what most often confuse to be the Italian liqueur made from elderberries known as sambuca. In actually the name lacks any direct definition whatsoever, the similar spelling only a mere coincidence. Cause it's never what you think it will be, but it might and we'd like you to start thinking it's whatever you want it to be...even if it's horrible. This being indicative of the chance operational, improvisational, free-for-all element of approaching art with a naivete free from distinction, categorization, organization, limitation and imitation while also struggling with the confines of these simultaneously as we would be naive also to ignore that these phenomenon exist wherever humans are possible.

X A M B U C A strives to be just as much visually compelling as it is sonically. Moving esthetics are as equal a prority when it comes to X A M B U C A's presentations. Our performance rider is simple: No darkness, no video, then no music=no show.

Chandra Shukla previously played in/performed/recorded with Squim, Scribble Seven (Nurse With Wound),Genesis P-Orridge: Psychic TV / Splinter Test/ Thee Majesty, Tipsy, Vaccuum Tree Head, Thrasher Qawwal, Bachir Attar, Scarab, Qaballah Steppers, DiViD, Thomas Dimuzio, Saifir, Flak Bond, Larry Thrasher, RK Faulhaber, Matt Waldron (irr. app.ext.), Costa Cross, Poo Poo Shoe, Naut Humon's ISO Orchestra, Esperik Glare, Cardinal Pecci, Paw of Zing, and a lot of other insignificant 'droppings'. :-)

This Bag is not a Toy

The three members of this group were all students at the University of Maryland when they met at the Yoga class of famed yogi James Sam-Kubam in his home/studio near the College Park campus. They soon discovered that besides indestructible bliss they shared a mutual interest in the dissolution of American Empire. They had also each independently arrived at a critical understanding of the role played by male aggression and American exceptionalism in fomenting the ensuing global crisis. So, of course, they had to form a band. A unique experience intended to provide some breathing room from the psychological crush of the post-everything drunken slide towards 2012…and beyond.

American culture is one preoccupied with surfaces and oblivious to the interiors or depth of things. Imagine a child offered a delicious piece of candy in a brightly colored piece of foil. The child accepts the candy, opens it, and immediately throws the sweet to the ground and begins to lick and suck the shiny wrapper. This is the central problem of the culture we find ourselves trapped in: Our obsession with life’s wrapper allows us to dispose of its most precious contents. This Bag is Not a Toy promises to suffocate the mendacious heart of American Exceptionalism and G8 Imperialism by inverting the same clear plastic film of consumer-patriotism that protects their sovereignty. To the reactionary forces who would uphold this way of life [sic] as virtuous, you have been warned: Keep this sack of skin-clinging soul sounds out of reach of your children.

Gum Yummy

Gum Yummy is Scott M. Phillips. He has made music and video in NYC and Washington, D.C. His films include the feature length documentary "Simultaneously Coincidental" and other various short films. He was a member of the seminal D.C. psychesmellic-post-punk band, Sarcastic Orgasm that produced various recordings, including a self titled ep, and 8 track tape album of live recordings compiled from performances in D.C. and NYC entitled, "White and Abusing the Privilege (Live No Rubber)".In 2000 his band Chikmountain released the full length CD "Porn on the Cob". Other short lived bands in NYC included "The Jews" and "Chitty Chitty Gang-Bang" and "The Magic Diaper".


DC area local Jason Tremblay's debut solo performance as Nagamo is a meditative exploration of electronic music genres ranging from glitchy ambient minimalism to gritty industrial synth-pop employing the use of found sound, synthesizer, affected guitar, feedback loops, voice and heavy automation. Loosely composed pieces are groomed from various selected audio sources to form carefully restrained chaos within a sonic Zen garden.

Over the last few years Tremblay has performed with DC area's ambient improv group Aleasthete, Nancy Havlik's Dance Performance Company and experimental dub band Sesshin No-Fi at various venues and festivals such as DC's Improv Fest, Electric Possible and The Dinner Party. Tremblay is currently recording with Sesshin No-Fi for a fall release and writing and recording for Nagamo.

Saturday Jun 26th 2010 @ 8 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.

~ $8

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD