Saturday Jun 18th 2016 @Third Floor

Anton Nikkilä, Chester Hawkins, J. Surak

Anton Nikkilä
Anton Nikkilä (born 1965) is an experimental musician and composer who lives and works in Helsinki. He started making music in the ”post-punk” milieu of the early 80’s, ran the cassette label Valtavat Ihmesilmälasit Records in 1980–82 and attended John Cage’s summer courses in Finland in 1983. Later during the 1980’s he was actively involved in Russian underground rock as a translator (which subsequently became his official profession) and in many other roles, including journalist and festival organiser (to which he returned later when working as the director of Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival in 2003–2005).

Chester Hawkins
Chester Hawkins (DC) has recorded and performed a wide range of experimental music since 1985 as part of the noise collective Pythagoras, as Blue Sausage Infant, and now under his own name. Strong escapism is the stated goal; a "mean-spirited euphoria" by means of layered electronics and dynamic sound-designs that may reward the patient listener with unexpected visions... For this performance, Hawkins will be treating a single lapsteel guitar with multiple signal-splitters and devices to conjure an enormous symphony of elated trances: Both a solo lapsteel performance and a catatonic tide of weapons-grade psychedelic nihilism.

J. Surak
"Dark and mysterious, mixing in bits of Philip Jeck and Tim Hecker, Wolf Eyes, blending them into an ominous world of sound." ~ Aquarius Records
"We always enjoy his restrained yet unwavering approach, fearlessly exploring dark zones of implied violence and subdued terror." ~ The Sound Projector

Saturday Jun 18th 2016 @ 9 p.m. - 11 p.m.

~ $10

Third Floor
4200 9th ST, NW, Washington DC, DC