Saturday Jun 4th 2011 @Pyramid Atlantic

Off the Grid 3 - Janel Leppin, The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra, Safe Fast & Effective, Jack Wright, Michael Jackson & Brian Osborne

Off the Grid 3

An evening of unplugged and battery operated music. With Janel Leppin, The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra, Safe Fast & Effective, Jack Wright, Michael Jackson & Brian Osborne

Asimina Chremos, dance, Philadelphia
Carol Genetti, vocals, Chicago
Jack Wright, alto and soprano saxes, Easton PA

Asimina Chremos began her dance career in the early 80's--Pittsburgh, Philadelphia (BFA from Temple U), and throughout the 2000's in Chicago, often partnering with vocalist Carol Genetti and others from the improvisation community, such as Fred Lonberg-Holm. In August 2010, Chremos developed lightspace/shadowplace, a performance for one person at a time, during a residency in Seattle, WA. In December 2010, she returned to Philadelphia. In her improvised solos, she dramatically intermeshes angular juxtapositions and edgy ruminations with layers of training and creative impulse.
“Chremos’ magic usually lies in fleet imagery that tricks perception and short-term memory (Was that a crown turning into antlers? Did I just see a kangaroo explode?)…”—Zachary Whittenburg,
“Asimina Chremos…realigned the audience's focus almost by force of her breath.” — Meg Leary,
“… nearly ecstatic in her virtuosic athleticism.” — Signal to Noise

Described as "a startling non-verbal vocalist" by Dan Warburtan (The Wire), Carol Genetti of Chicago has performed numerous live concerts internationally. Her personal yet universal palette is an abstraction of "extended" voice sounds — breaths, overtones, and disconnected textual bits, squeaks, growls, non-verbal tones that evoke unconscious emotions and human physicality. As Time Out's Zac Whittenburg described "Genetti flew through an enormous range of sounds and textures, capable both of intricate runs of staccato grunts and pops like the fatigued labors of a rusted machine and stretches of sustained, honeyed tones."
" Now here’s vocal work I can get behind. Slightly guttural and frayed, fairly deep held tones, one rough pitch, allowing the irregularities to interweave and form multiple patterns."
– Brian Olewnick, Just Outside
“Chicago sound vocalist, Carol Genetti, has astonishing breath and vocal control; her fearless, elastic warbles ranging from stuttering rhythmic cries to tonsil stretches to melodic swoops to nasal Tuvan-style drones.”
– Richard Moule, Signal to Noise

Jack Wright was a sweet soprano choir boy and a marching band saxophonist in the fifties, a bluegrass washtub bassist in the early sixties, a university lecturer in history and a revolutionist in the late sixties and seventies. Since then he has been playing free improvised saxophone, touring the US and Europe. After fifteen years in Boulder CO he landed back in PA (2003), in particular Easton. He is accused of impersonating pigs, ducks and human blowhards. Occasionally he remembers the proper use of the saxophone --propping up the tottering universe. He plays with everyone but performs and tours only with the finest and usually most obscure from Europe and the US. He and his partners are among the few true believers in absolutely free, unrestrained, unstructured, unselfconscious improvisation. No tunes. They prefer to play rather than perform. This is the only music in which the players attempt not to know what they are doing and listeners are discouraged from knowing what they are getting.
"In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation saxophonist is king."
--Jeff Bagato, Washington Post
In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation,saxophonist Jack Wright is king.

Safe Fast Effectivebrings together Dave Vosh (Safe), Keith Sinzinger (Fast Forty) and Chris Videll (Tag Cloud) for a debut public performance at Off the Grid 3. Their off-label prescription combines doses of live sampling with found sounds, custom electronics, thrift store finds and tubular bells.
Dave Vosh has been experimenting with electronic music since the 1970s and live performance since 2005 in various solo, duo and trio projects involving modular synthesizers and other devices.
Keith Sinzinger builds and plays electronic and percussion instruments. A lifelong newsman, he aims to integrate contemporary conflict into his compositions. Previous collaborations include No Serviceable Parts and Liquid Friction Assemblage. File under: Intense Ambient.
Chris Videll plays electroacoustic drone under the name Tag Cloud and to date has released compilation tracks on Front & Follow (the 14 Versions of the Same EP remix project) and Zeromoon, as well as collaborations with Dan Barbiero and Gary Rouzer (Nine Strings, Vector Trio).

The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra
The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra brings together improvisers from the DC area and Richmond, VA to premiere “Eight Frames for N Soloists,” a new work commissioned expressly for Off the Grid 3. TSBTO consists of Daniel Barbiero, double bass & composer; Sam Byrd, percussion; Jimmy Ghaphery, reeds and small instruments; Tim Harding, reeds and small instruments; and Rich O’Meara, vibes and percussion.

Saturday Jun 4th 2011 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD