Saturday May 20th 2017 @Rhizome

Pamelia Stickney, TL0741, Audio Mace, plus theremin workshop

Pamelia Stickney
An improvised evolution of solo theremin overlapping and looping into harmonic structures and rhythms creating an otherworldly orchestral sounding multiverse that at moments resemble a familiar place.

TL0741 (NoVA) /

Pat Gillis (b. 1965, USA) began performing as TL0741 in January 2005, presenting structured improvisations for analogue modular synthesizer and effects combined with pre-recorded material. Drones, unstable automata and inharmonic gestures are harvested from the electrons to create a transient universe of unreliable premonitions and fragile possibilities.

Responses to the first five TL0741 CD releases have included:

“”Held to Account” builds off of Ligeti and Lustmord and takes the trip deeper and richer. This is a soundtrack for an astronaut floating away into eventual oblivion, but while the oxygen holds out, the experience is as awe-inspiring as it is terrifying. Frank Poole (2001), this record is for you. Gillis and his clutch of live and recorded sound evoke wonder and unease, a poetic ambient that deserves much love if you can get a hold of a copy.”

“As more electronic noise artists jump the fence and concern themselves with propulsive hypnogogic psychedelia, Gillis probes the dark side of electronic anima. Self-described as "Noise AggroAmbient," I see these improvisations as undulating, bio-morphic structures, festering in the swamp lands of an unhealthy imagination.”

A new release is scheduled for Summer 2017.

Collaborations include Northern Machine (, Extremities (, The Angus Brainpan and The Sloth Ensemble (

Audio Mace
Hailing from Maryland, Audio Mace is Chris Wikman and Al Baldwin. Complex, instrumental arrangements, varied musical styles, and evocative soundscapes characterize their offerings, each piece with its own unique mood and style. Formed to provide a vehicle for exploring music with a more “industrial” and “experimental” style, Audio Mace combines electronic instrumentation with exotic instruments (including several unique and “home-made” ones), sound textures, rhythmic elements, and percussion as it seeks to explore new themes and sonic textures and to create unique and evocative musical journeys.

Preshow Workshop with Pamela Stickney - Animating sound with the theremin
5-7pm, $35

From first-timers to the more experienced, the workshop is open to all ages. It's not necessary to have experience playing other instruments because there is nothing that resembles the approach to playing the theremin.

We'll roll up our sleeves and explore the basics of how it works (such as tuning/calibrating the instrument to your body/surroundings), strategies for optimizing control of the beast, techniques which are useful for expressing in any style from classical to experimental... (pizzicato, legato, aerial fingering) and we'll also delve into playing through effects pedals to add other colors to the soundpalette. (looping, harmonizers, microsynth).

If you have a theremin - bring it along because no two theremins have the same range/parameters. Also, if you'd like me to check/test your instrument, I'd be happy to! Students are encouraged to use the phonecams as it's sometimes a LOT of details to remember and also it's not possible to look at both of my hands at the same time unless you have chameleon eyeballs!

Saturday May 20th 2017 @ 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.

~ $10

6950 Maple Street NW, Washington DC, DC