Sunday May 15th 2011 @Pyramid Atlantic

Loud Objects, Phillip Stearns, Yao Chung-Han, jamie allen’s circuitMusic, TL0741

MLB is a project which brings together a set of contemporary performance artists with an interest in the possibilities of minimal and maximal use of white light and noise aesthetics. Hosted by STEIM ( and organized by Jamie Allen (, the project is firstly an ensemble performance project featuring a collection of conceptual noise/white-light performance works together for the first time, live. Further, the project will culminate in a body of research, highlighting and documenting the approaches and motivations of an emerging and radical performance form.
Artists performing will be:

Tristan Perich, Kunal Gupta and Katie Shima create electronic noise with minimal components: microchips, a power jack, an audio jack, and wire. The group solders custom audio circuits live, creating audible fluctuations of electricity with these bare elements. The New York City-based trio stage their lush noise constructions with soldering irons on top of overhead projectors, slide projectors, flourescent light towers, and remodeled guitars.
Loud Objects

Phillip Stearns works with sound, light, electronics, found objects and biological systems, working directly with material to produce phenomenological experiences. His work approaches electronics as complex artificial living systems - creating new creatures for an electronic ecosystem. Phil shapes his hand-made systems into complex, generative systems. This is the sound of billions of neurons firing at once. Darkness is broken in brilliant eruptions of white light.
Phillip Stearns

Jamie Allen’s circuitMusic project started as a exercise in radical improvisation - analog oscillators were built from bare circuitry and a breadboard while performing. Since then the live show has turned into an noise-synthesis project where signals from the home-made performance rig are offered to the audience as both audible sound and stroboscopic white light. Light and noise are shaped and into drones and pulses of raw static and electricity.
jamie allen’s circuitMusic

YAO Chung-Han
An active member of the new generation of sound artists in Taiwan, YAO’s works are mostly concerned with sound, while at the same time, searching for the ultimate connections between video, installation, space and various media. Yao’s live sets launch synchronous sound and fluorescent lamp elements via manipulation of a green laser trigger. The tiny noises emmited from the fluorescent lamps are manipulated and re-amplified.

Pat Gillis (b. 1965, USA) performs as TL0741, issuing dispatches from a percolating alchemical multiverse of harmony-avoidant electronic sound. A third cd release via HC3 Music will appear this summer/fall, joining BACK TO MINUS (2008) and MAGNETIC INJURIES (2009).
“Gillis knows what he’s doing and Back To Minus is a highly enjoyable demonstration of the development of his sonic ideals, a perfect proportionality between the chaotic activities of contradictory anti-patterns and the intricate mechanisms that – miraculously - preserve an ideal “galactic equilibrium”. - Massimo Ricci
“TL0741’s splurgy, paintbrush charged-up approach to electronic music is refreshing; he won’t bludgeon the listener with airless noise, even if he risks getting his gumboots sucked into the mud and murk that swirls around the feet of those who dare to flirt with analogue equipment.” Ed Pinsent / THE SOUND PROJECTOR -

Sunday May 15th 2011 @ 7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

~ $8.00

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD