Sunday May 14th 2017 @Rhizome

Wilted Woman, DJ ShluchT, Bridget Feral

Wilted Woman (Berlin)
The self-described "anxiety rhythm" of Berlin’s Wilted Woman, dissects the internal processes of technology through post-industrial glitch, punk, and cut-and-copy aesthetics. Barely audible vocals, transmissions, sine waves, 8-bit melodies and pots and pans-like beats intensify the effects of contemporary life on its audience by looking beyond the HD facades to the machines that made them.

DJ ShluchT
DJShluchT is the tape collage DJ practice from the human behind ambitious community radio project out of Berlin, called - Critics describe his work  as something that has simultaneously been born 15 years too early and 15 years too late - with the charm of wrong-footed cinematic-interludes and stop-motion. Talking about images and time lines - if shlucht is not working on radio or music stuff one will most likely meet him at his very own yacht-club - where he is occupied with under water still life paintings.

Bridget Feral (Providence)
Bridget Feral is a computer based composer and producer based in Providence, Rhode Island. Feral plays with deconstruction and repurposing of the voice as instrument through technology. Bridget has released on Untergang Institut and All Female Parliament. "...something close to some industrial kind of dub" ~ TinyMixTapes

Sunday May 14th 2017 @ 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.

~ $10

6950 Maple Street NW, Washington DC, DC