Saturday May 12th 2012 @Pyramid Atlantic

New What, Degollado, Duc D'angelos, Safe, Basha Teez, Synthetic Ghee

Duc D'Angelos
Duc D'Angelos is a DC/Baltimore-based electronic improvisational ensemble which has been performing together for the past 3 years. Comprising Ed Baldi (The Voyeuristic Fringe) on synthesizers and electric keyboards, Colin Barnhill (DyNameks) on turntable and drum pad, Jeremy Berlin (Cey Jo-Jo) on guitar loops, and John Sullivan (SirRoland) on guitar synthesizer, the group has applied its unique blend of spontaneous sonic textures and tonal dynamics to art spaces, clubs, bookstores, galleries, pizza parlors, and living rooms throughout the DC/Baltimore area.

Somewhere between a structured, well maintained existence and a chaotic life of insubordination lies a vast amount of negative space that has a welcome mat for the proper and a soiled mattress for the seedy. A crossroads if you will. The air at the center is filled with an eerie silence yet it emits a rumbling so intense that young children run to cover the ears of their dead pets.
Degollado is in close proximity, inching ever closer to the 4-way stop. Having maintained a steady diet of musical liveliness in various forms for over 10 years straight, Christopher Feltner (guitar & sound manipulation) and Nic McInturff (percussion) breathe in the foul ambience of this striking backdrop and stare at the intersection with a keen glare.
Leaning on the hands of patience, Degollado spent most of 2010 writing what would become their debut EP, Dark Of The Day (Founding Father Records). Combining sonic simplicity with a mere penchant for the exploration of sound, Degollado creates precise movement that is heavy in ways that aren't solely loud. No words are needed. The sounds emitted speak for themselves and when the movement diminishes the gnarled tongue seems to speak even louder.
Now that Dark Of The Day is ready to be passed to the hands of the living, Degollado has spent the first half of 2011 playing shows in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, & New York. In between the live outbursts, the band continues to write new material in their hometown of Strasburg, VA. Many more songs will be written and many more shows will be played. Slowing down now would mean catching a good glimpse of the crossroads and is there really a need for that? Keep the mind wondering. Keep the music evolving.

New What
High energy freedom from Richmond, Va featuring the combined trios of New Loft and Trio What.

Synthetic Ghee
Synthetic Ghee: Modal improvisation for electronic drones, harmonium and processed double bass. Meeting all your fake raga needs since 2011.
Daniel Barbiero: double bass
Chris Videll: electronics
Steve Hilmy: electronic processing
Curt Seiss: harmonium

"safe" is the duo project of tyler higgins and dave vosh. started in mid-2006 and emerging at electric possible in nov. 2006, we performed thru nov. 2007 at such place`s as sonic circuits festival 2007, electric possible, warehouse next door, sangha and velvet lounge until circumstances necessitated a hiatus. we re-emerged in sept. and dec. 2009 at sonic circuits and electric possible for 2 re-union performances. we have consistently mantained contact, playing music informally and such and in 2012, a project tyler had been working on with field recordings was shelved. i liked the field sounds and suggested we re-use them for something else and another re-emergence of "safe" has occurred, sadly likely the final live one as circumstances will be taking tyler to atlanta in sept. some of our original explorations together back in 2006 were heavy on radio`s and noisier elements and this flavor has once again come to the fore. our work together has always involved slowly changing layers of electronic, electro-acoutic and natural audio materials. as a personal note - knowing tyler, exchanging idea`s and playing music together has been my pleasure and honor. i am the better for it. Tyler Higgins is an improviser and composer working in a variety of musical genres, traditional to experimental. After years of active collaboration and participation in multiple groups, Tyler now focuses exclusively on solo composition. Dave Vosh, born in washinton.d.c., has been experimenting with electronic music since the 1970s and live performance since 2005 in various solo, duo and trio projects involving modular synthesizers and other devices. he performs regularly in d.c. and baltimore. he has performed at events such as "sonic circuits", "electronica-fest" and "electro-music" festivals. He was recently a featured performer in St. Louis at a show sponsored by the HEARding Cats Collective at Floating Labs, where he also displayed his visual electronic manipulations., and

Basha Teez
Mixing ambient reverberations, piercing electronics and pulsing video-game orchestrations, Basha explodes through your ear-buds like little you’ve heard before. Basha brings her brand of DIY sound experimentation to the stage for the first time. Her tracks at times harkening back to the days of Sega Genesis and rushing towards the next sci-fi frontier at the same time, Basha’s tunes will tattoo themselves to your cerebellum whether you like it or not.

Basha began humbly with her Miniak Virtual Analog Synthesizer resting on her nightstand. Testing its each and every setting, Basha channeled the Beatles’ “Revolution 9,” Frank Zappa’s “It Can’t Happen Here,” and Tangerine Dream’s “Sorcerer LP” as she experimented during her weekly recordings. She first found a cozy digital audience when she uploaded her tracks to her SoundCloud. But cyberspace could not reign in the sound Basha would continue to unleash. Debuting on WMUC FM 88.1 College Park, Maryland’s “The Irrelevant Show,” Basha continues her live stylings at Pyramid Atlantic.

Her signature sunglasses and leather cap always with her, Basha compliments her off-the-wall tracks with a down-to-earth personality. Whether selling charms, crystals, or guitar straps at flea markets or photographing Music From The Film at their latest happening, Basha gathers followers off-stage and on. As you browse her postings on Facebook (search: Basha Teez), you will delight in tricked-out lunarscapes of Carolinian dunes and psychedelic self-portraits.

As she expands her sound with looping-pedals and percussive amphibian croaks, be satisfied in knowing you are getting in on the ground floor. The strip malls and bicycle paths of Olney, MD will not contain Basha, just as her tie-dye-tapestry-clad basement studio can’t contain her sound.

That noise you hear? It’s Basha. Have fun listening to that.

Saturday May 12th 2012 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD