Monday May 6th 2013 @Galaxy Hut

Martin Bisi, Chester Hawkins

Martin Bisi
Martin Bisi has been a NYC musician and record producer since the 80s. At a studio he started with Brian Eno in Brooklyn, he has since realized albums by Sonic Youth, Swans, John Zorn, Africa Bambaataa, The Dresden Dolls, Herbie Hancock's Rockit, Boredoms, Helmet, White Zombie, Cop Shoot Cop, Material/Bill Laswell, Foetus, Serena Maneesh and others. He has also contributed to albums by Iggy Pop and The Ramones.

Chester Hawkins
Active since 1985, Washington DC native Chester Hawkins is best known for his kosmische electronic psych project Blue Sausage Infant. He recorded and performed as Blue Sausage Infant until February 2013. Electronic. Experimental. Musique concrète. Film soundtracks. Drone. Noise. Krautrock. Psychedelia. Electroacoustic. Sound design. Lust. Hallucinations.

Monday May 6th 2013 @ 9 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.

~ $5

Galaxy Hut
2711 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA