Saturday May 2nd 2015 @Pyramid Atlantic

Spring Chill

Sonic Circuits goes downtempo and atmospheric with a laid-back evening of sights and sounds, transforming Pyramid Atlantic into a chill-out be-in. Bring your pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and prayer rugs for a night under the electronic stars -- an ambient jam of sorts. Wander, wonder, commune and connect in an enveloping environment of stimulation and relaxation. It's yet another experiment in the radical experience that is Sonic Circuits.

Black Saturn
Experimental hip-hop, industrial, noise, MC-ing and dub poetry form the nucleus of Black Saturn’s music. A native of the DMV, he is based in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. Black Saturn’s collaborative and solo activities remain constant, with airplay in North America and Europe and show dates regularly on both continents.

Expect the unexpected from multi-instrumentalists Dani and Curt Seiss, based in Takoma Park, Md. 

Bunny Blake 
Bunny Blake has been creating electronic music since 1992, recording and performing under a variety of project names including Flowers For Kali, 747, h_double and Filthadelic. Bunny's style combines lo-fi  dub, lush analog dissonance, acid house, fusion and post-punk. Bunny hails from Alexandria, Va., and also writes sci-fi stories, programs Max4Live plugins and makes video games.

Chester Hawkins
DC-based Chester Hawkins performed as BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT 1985–2013. Musique concrète, abstract electronics, drone, krautrock, psychedelia, noise, cinematic sound design. Deep trance states with a glaze of paranoid tension, delivered by audio (and occasionally visual) means. His latest release of roasted analogue noise and sub-ambient catholic hallucinations [apostasy suite] is due for release in April 2015. Ask your doctor if Hawkins is right for you. More info at

 Steven Hanlon
Steven Hanlon has been creating electronic music for over 20 years.  Originally a Baltimore/DC area native, he now lives in Philadelphia. Using mainly analogue synthesizers and drum machines, Hanlon creates ambient trance with complex textures and sweeping atmospheres influenced by artists such as Pete Namlook, A Positive Life, Pino and Wildjamin, as well as Sounds from the Ground.  He has been active in the Philadelphia underground scene, having previously played live at Fountain Green, an outdoor weekly event along the Schuylkill River.

Kantoendrato (song in wire) is the nom de plume for Joe Belknap Wall's improvised ambient music. Joe works live, by the seat of his mostly electronic pants, stringing loops and drones and buzzes and hisses and crackles and little shreds and fragments of things almost heard into streams of slow data dashed on the digital rocks before fizzing away into the air.

DC-based Christine Paluch improvises deconstructed atmospheres and loops interlaced with both beauty and anxiety using synthesizers and/or guitar. Christine explores the relationship between acquired synesthesia and urban spaces. With influences as diverse as Daphne Oram and the cosmos, new synergies are synthesized from both orderly and random structures. What starts out as sound soon becomes finessed into a cacophony of temptation, leaving only a sense of chaos and the inevitability of a new understanding. As subtle replicas become reconfigured through emergent and critical practice, the listener is left with a tribute to the outposts of our condition.

Small Craft
Small Craft is a DC-based ambient experimental musician fixated on multichannel drones and installation art.

Cantenac Dagar
Instrumental duet from France (banjo, cassette player, bells, human beatbox) that spans the space between psyche and noise. Banjo and organic beats are layered over each other, ricocheting into massive movements. Created with almost no equipment by two artists whose live practice is essentially driven by the place and the present moment.

Vibes, visuals and additional atmosphere

Bionic Eyes (Jeff Bagato/Tone Ghosting) presents analog glitch video works.

Phong Tran will put it on the floor.

Dave Vosh, master of the modular synth, brings visual manipulations to life.  

Your tour guide

Fast Forty (Keith Sinzinger) gathered this audio-visual tribe in memory of the Days of Rave, when he helped people chill out at Family Affair IV, Clandestiny and Never Too Old Skool.

Saturday May 2nd 2015 @ 8 p.m. - 11:59 p.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD