Saturday Apr 28th 2018 @Rhizome

Andrew Fest Night 1 / Avant Fairfax Pre-Show with Pas Musique, Chester Hawkins, Geoff Wilt, Tag Cloud, Bushmeat Airways, Ian G. McColm, Free Soil, Hallowed Bells, Thirteen Colonies, Phoenix Auto Group, Echolalia

Pas Musique is a group which creates musical output through the form of abstract sound. The term ‘Pas Musique’ translates to ‘not music’ in french, metaphorically negating everything that is established in music and starts from a clean perspective. The viewpoint fuels our creativity to create our own world of beauty. The aesthetic underpinnings are defined by the notion that music can be whatever the ear perceives. It’s a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It’s a desire for honest artistic self-expression. 

Pas Musique started in 1995 out of Brooklyn, NY, USA, driven by the creative talents of Robert L. Pepper working in the mediums of sound and video. Since then Pas Musique has evolved into a collective with many different instrumentations and lineups. Permanent members include Jon “Vomit” Worthley, Michael Durek, and Robert Pepper. An additional past member was Amber Brien until 2015. Guests and occasional collaborators include, Brett Zweiman, David Tamura, Cathy Heyden, Jim Tuite, Brandstifter, Robin Storey, Philippe Petit, ZEV!, HATI, Steve Beresford, Will Seesar, Matt Chilton, Anthony Donovan, Chester Hawkins, and many others. 

Pas Musique have numerous releases and collaborations. Pas Musique have performed in 17 countries and all throughout the United States. Sound and video installations have also included Chile and the United States. Pas Musique also curates events in New York such as Experi-MENTAL nights, Ambient-Chaos nights and the Experi-MENTAL Festival once a year.

chester hawkins: washington dc, 33+ years active. strong drone, texture-music, and cinematic kosmische electronics to undermine the physics of ego and revel in the mysteries of absence. For fans of neoclassical composition, autumnal heresies, and dissociative amnesia.

Geoff Wilt
Geoff Wilt is a musician living in Silver Spring, Maryland. His recent work has focused on hardware modular synthesizers and acoustic instruments to create music blending the compositional and improvisational.

Hallowed Bells
Hallowed Bells is Philadelphia-based musicians Darian Scatton and Alison Stout: electronic songs-without-words and abstract soundscapes.

Ian G. McColm
Ian G. McColm is a multi-instrumentalist and composer residing in Alexandria, Virginia. He has performed nationally and internationally in a variety of ensembles including the drone/ambient duo Nagual, Washington D.C. free-music trio Heart of the Ghost, and with an array of solo artists.

Phoenix Auto Group
Phoenix Auto Group (Flag Day Recordings) is an ambient/textural/drone band from Virginia comprised of AvantFairfax veteran Stephen Palke, Raven Bauer Durham, James Wolf, and Will Thornton. Live performances frequently involve visual projections.

Tag Cloud is the solo drone/experimental project of DC experimental music mainstay Chris Videll. The project started in 2010 as experiments with field recordings and has come to include kit electronics, analog and semi-modular synths, cheap keyboards, and occasional acoustic drone instruments and percussion. Influences include various minimalists, Krautrock, noise, all kinds of environmental sounds, and particularly the experimental scene in DC. Other projects include BLK TAG with James S. Adams (BLK w/Bear, Stylus) and Zschwishenzug with Gary Rouzer and Phong Tran (Halo Valley, The Shouts from the Sea).

Thirteen Colonies is the solo project of longtime DC musician Paul Joyner (PJB, The Deads, AfterMarket, Blair).

Free Soil
Organize, resist, rise. War for profit, against our own citizens or against another country, is treason.
Northern VA based ambient textures with guitar, electronics, and visuals.

Echolalia is ethereal soundscapes by NoVA staple Amber Leigh Dunleavy. Through the use of theremin and a rotating cast of sonic objects, Dunleavy creates somnambulant territories and textures that lead listeners from the ears to the ether.

Bushmeat Airways is Thomas Stanley and Vincent Rado. Thomas Stanley is a founding member of MIND OVER MATTER MUSIC OVER MIND (MOM²), an electrophonic improvising ensemble. He is the co-author of an oral history of George Clinton and P-Funk and in 2014 published The Execution of Sun Ra, a book on the teachings of astro-kemetic jazz iconoclast Sun Ra. He is also the host of Bushmeat's Jam Session, a weekly excursion into sonic impossibility heard every Thursday on WPFW-FM.
Bushmeat Airways is an iridescent UFO landing at each of the 7 primary spinal chakras, a soothing wildness spreading like a shockwave through the silicon and steel superstructure of the alien mothership that has taken control of our backward little planet.

Saturday Apr 28th 2018 @ 3 p.m. - 11 p.m.

~ $10

6950 Maple Street NW, Washington DC, DC