Sunday Apr 22nd 2018 @Rhizome

Dina Maccabee, Marian McLaughlin, Anteloper

Dina Maccabee
Dina Maccabee specializes in experimental, traditional, and improvisational approaches to viola and violin; creative songwriting; and using her voice expressively in both narrative and non-narrative modes. Using electronic processing, looping, and effects, Maccabee adds depth, space, and complexity to her performances and compositions. Maccabee is best known for her violin and viola playing and singing with Ramon & Jessica, Real Vocal String Quartet, and Julia Holter.

Marian McLaughlin
Marian McLaughlin is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist pushing the boundaries of folk music. Weaving together imaginative lyrics, intricate classical guitar work, and rhapsodic delivery she creates songs of exquisite detail that are delicate, yet full of depth.

McLaughlin’s adventurous approach to music was inspired in part by Situationist Guy Debord’s theory of “dérive,” where one sets off on an unplanned route, letting their surroundings subconsciously direct the journey, “with the ultimate goal of encountering an entirely new and authentic experience.”  She applies this practice to her songwriting, letting instrument or idea guide her.  During an interview with NPR Music, McLaughlin explained how she sees parallels in her songwriting to dérives.  She primarily writes in an intuitive manner and taps into her stream-of-consciousness when constructing lyrics.  Noting that there’s a vast amount of direction and space when it comes to playing the guitar, McLaughlin takes delight in exploring and discovering ideas.  The results are often composed and cohesive, yet full of unexpected arrangements and shifting movement.

Anteloper is the electric brainchild of Jaimie Branch (Fly Or Die, High Life) and Jason Nazary (Little Women, Helado Negro, Bear In Heaven). Branch and Nazary have been playing together as trumpeter and drummer for years, since meeting at the New England Conservatory of Music in 2002, but in this duo both musicians include synthesizers to push further into the spectral spaceship ether. With deep rhythmic passages, telepathic improvisations and melodic negotiations, Anteloper pushes forward, swinging its horns all the while.

Sunday Apr 22nd 2018 @ 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.

~ $10

6950 Maple Street NW, Washington DC, DC