Saturday Apr 20th 2013 @Pyramid Atlantic

Many Arms + Toshimaru Nakamura, Lab Mice, Red Spells Red, international electromatics

Many Arms
Formed in 2007, Philadelphia and New York-based Many Arms are a power trio in the truest sense of the term. The band’s music is a loud, aggressive blend of punk and free jazz, tied together with compositions that twist and turn through angular unison melodies and complex rhythmic vamps. Many Arms’ punk rock touring ethos has taken their music across the US and Canada numerous times, where they've shared bills with many bands, including Marnie Stern, Nat Baldwin, Tera Melos, Dysrhythmia, Extra Life, Schnaak, Bardo Pond, Normal Love, Inzinzac, Eric Carbonara, Yowie, Les Rhinoceros, Mario Diaz De Leon, and Pitom. To date, Many Arms have released three full-length albums and one EP. In 2012, the not-for-proft cooperative record label Tzadik Records (owned and operated by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist John Zorn) released the band's third full-length, simply titled Many Arms. Following the release, Many Arms has toured the US and performed at Suoni Per Il Popolo in Montreal. Many Arms are: Guitarist Nick Millevoi Electric Bassist John DeBlase Drummer Ricardo Lagomasino

Toshimaru Nakamura
He began his career playing rock and roll guitar, but gradually explored other types of music, even abandoning guitar and started working on circuit bending. He uses a mixing console as a live, interactive musical instrument: "Nakamura plays the 'no-input mixing board', connecting the input of the board to the output, then manipulating the resultant audio feedback."[1][2] Nakamura's music has been described as "sounds ranging from piercing high tones and shimmering whistles to galumphing, crackle-spattered bass patterns."[3] He founded an ensemble A Paragon of Beauty in 1992.[2] Nakamura has recorded solo albums and has collaborated with Yoshihide Otomo, Keith Rowe, John Butcher, and Nicholas Bussmann among others. He has also collaborated with Taku Sugimoto, Tetuzi Akiyama, dancer Kim Ito, drummer Jason Kahn, and Sachiko M.

international electromatics
international electromatics is the duo project of electro-sonic artists dave vosh and frank vanaman. they perform on modular synthesizers and every performance is an improvisation. previously they have performed at the national electronics museum in linthicum, md. and baltimore`s now sadly defunct "hexagon space."
Born in Washington, DC and now residing in the Baltimore area, Frank Vanaman relies on a background that focuses on an appreciation for popular music and jazz of the 1920s-1930s. His primary vehicle for improvisation is the modular synthesizer.
Dave Vosh, also born in washinton.d.c., has been experimenting with electronic music since the 1970s and live performance since 2005 in various solo, duo and trio projects involving modular synthesizers and other devices. he performs regularly in d.c. and baltimore. he has performed at events such as "sonic circuits", "electronica-fest" and "electro-music" festivals. He was recently a featured performer in St. Louis at a show sponsored by the HEARding Cats Collective at Floating Labs, where he also displayed his visual electronic manipulations.

Red Spells Red
Red Spells Red is an experimental music project from Washington, D.C. consisting of Dennis Kane and Dave Svrjcek. Currently, the music is developed and performed using analogue synthesizers and effects and is largely improvised. The music is a dynamic mixture of slowly evolving drones and melodies pared with textural rhythms not based on traditional beats, but rather pulses and noises. The duo self-released "Learning To Live With The Plague" in July 2012.

Lab Mice
An electro-acoustic collage of wood, cardboard, motors, and circuits.

Plus Recent Short Experimental Films curated by Chris Lynn

1. Episode 22 by Daniel Maldonado and Mike Vernusky
EPISODE #22 is an audiovisual collaboration between filmmaker Daniel Maldonado and sound artist, Mike Vernusky.
Without revealing, the ‘hidden’ cannot essentially exist.” a saturated glimpse into a disintegrating nightmare where missing links oscillate and become born between separate worlds”. The film’s visually echoing quality essentially has no beginning or end-or perhaps it’s even missing. The decaying and elusive images interweave, collide and punctuate the surface of the conscious/sub-conscious without complete clarity. ‘Pieces’ of the whole are what is found , as seen in the film’s dense grainy structure which attempts to hold a complete image together without falling into fragmentary abstractness. When some of these components disappear (as in actual sections of the film itself) , we are forced to accept an altered version of the idea of “wholeness”. When these parts re-surface in an alternate reality, we can then direct our attention to ‘what’ or ‘where’ the connections exist.. Only finding lingering threads which may or may not loosely tie together, makes up this incomplete reality. They are interwoven into each other culminating into a birth, which challenges our perceptions of cohesiveness within wholeness

2. A Rolling Mind - is a collaboration between South Korean sound artist Una Lee and Chris H Lynn.
Shot on Black and White super 8 film, audio visual rhythms and restless abstractions create a space for inner reflection.
Una Lee is a sound artist, always in pursuit of found sound, sometimes traveling around the world and usually living in South-Korea.

Chris H. Lynn is a filmmaker, sound artist, educator, and curator. His digital images and super 8 films capture the subtle rhythms of light, movement, and sound in urban and rural landscapes. His work has been screened in galleries and festivals across the globe. His sound work consists of field recordings, minimal compositions, and audio from his films.

Saturday Apr 20th 2013 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

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