Saturday Apr 13th 2013 @Pyramid Atlantic

Syntjuntan, Janel Leppin, Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group, Sunny Beaches

Syntjuntan (Lise-Lotte Norelius and Ann Rosén) make music especially composed for electronic textile accessories. A tangled music with lace and long stitches, embroidered with electronic sounds, square waves and curled noise.
Syntjuntan is an ensemble of female musicians, composers and instrument makers that was formed in 2009. They started syntjuntan to meet women's curiosity for technology and electronics, to encourage them to build instruments and other means to facilitate their own experimentation. Besides giving concerts they also offer workshops. By simple means, such as a needle and thread, the workshop will teach you the basics of the art of sewing synthesizers!
Syntjuntan want to help women have better self-esteem, so they can take the place needed to implement their ideas, develop their music and meet the audience. In the Syntjunta they create their own synth and get over their possible fear of any technology.
It should familiarize themselves with the experimental art music by listening to and talking about or perhaps even to perform a new work to an audience.
Syntjuntan appear in different configurations, sometimes in extended format with invited artists, composers, musicians and others.
Two CD's has been released during 2012: ”Early years”(elektron records) and ”Syntjuntan”(Schhh... records).

Janel Leppin
Avant garde cellist Janel Leppin crosses genre boundaries in her approach with her work and the many musical projects she adds her voice to. Adapting her sound with electronics Leppin winds through territory showing where she has been in her extensive musical training as well as where she is going. Her forthcoming solo album brings out her versatile interests where she composes for analog equipment alongside acoustic and electric instruments to create soundscapes interwoven with jagged contemporary jaunts, includes dream pop vocal works, persian classical glimpses and psychedelic reveries. With her recent release Where is Home on avant jazz label Cuneiform Records by her duo Janel and Anthony this is sure to be an exciting record. Leppin lives in Seattle, Washington where she works with phenomenal figures of the underground music world. She divides her time touring in her group Janel and Anthony around the world.

Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group
A dance/theatre exploration of everyday gesture, story & memory, this performance features dancers Amanda Blythe, Alexey Brazhnikov, Annetta Dexter Sawyer and Angela Schopke performing a structured improvisation to “Allusions to Ores & Ethers,” a new score by the group’s musical director Daniel Barbiero. Musicians: Daniel Barbiero, double bass; Sam Byrd, percussion; Dani Seiss, flute. Conductor: Chris Videll.
Nancy Havlik has directed and choreographed for the past 25 years. She formed Dance Performance Group (a non profit 501c3 corporation) in 1989 as a vehicle to explore her own choreographic ideas with a small group of dancers and musicians. Through the Company her choreography has been performed extensively in the Washington, DC area at venues including Dance Place, Joy of Motion, Montgomery College, Jewish Community Center, Joe’s Movement Emporium, Mt. Vernon College and the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. Her work has been shown in New York City at Joyce Soho, WAX and the Construction Company and in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic and Slovakia). She has directed site work performances all over the Washington, DC area and recently has presented performances at Flashpoint Meade Theater and at Woolly Mammoth Melton Rehearsal Hall. Nancy teaches creative movement and intergenerational workshops for older adults through Arts for the Aging (AFTA). Her AFTA program “Moving Art” received a 2011 Met Life grant to present a series of workshops for older adults in collaboration with Donna McKay combing visual art and creative movement. Nancy also directs Quicksilver, an improvisational performance company of dancers over 60 years of age under the auspices of AFTA.
Carmel Morgan of Ballet-Dance Magazine called Dance Performance Group's recent work "gloriously beautiful to behold"

Sunny Beaches
Sonic sistas Amber and Basha began performing as Sunny Beaches in the summer of 2012. With Amber's theremin and Basha's synthesizer, you may think that Mork from the planet Ork has just popped your personal bubble, but it's just Sunny Beaches tickling their way down your ear canal, cruising to your cochlea, and kicking their feet up in your cranium. Grab your shades, lay down a tie-dye towel, and crack open a cold bottle of beatz as you bask in the beguiling warmth and hypnotic vistas of Sunny Beaches.

Plus Recent Short Experimental Films curated by Chris Lynn

1.Hull by Tara Nelson
A journey between layers of corporal consciousness, Hull explores the physical memory of trauma, and the psychological repercussions of a surgical disaster.

from Tara Nelson:
I create artwork that investigates the physiological space of creativity and pursues the faculty of the imagination. In my films, videos, sculptures and installations, I explore how our sensory experience of the world works with our memories, ideas expectations, and emotions to create meaning. I am motivated by the study of human perception as both the filter through which we experience the world, and the mechanism that makes it meaningful.

2.Should I Stand Amid Your Breakers Or Should I Lie With Death My Bride by Marcy Saude
A line from a Tim Buckley song spawns an extremely literal film. Figures in a haunted landscape, mediated by nature and the individual frame, accompanied by field recordings from a broken tape recorder. Marcy Saude’s work involves subjects such as marginal histories, the landscape, counterculture, and language, and have screened at venues and festivals including International film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Torino Film Festival (Italy), EMAF (European Media Art Festival, Germany), Ann Arbor Film Festival (Michigan), Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Other Cinema (San Francisco), and the Echo Park Film Center (LA). She is interested in DIY aesthetics, appropriation, homesteading, the relationship between the natural and built environments and politics, expanded notions of non-fiction and time-based media, and folk magic. She completed an MFA from the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Colorado at Boulder and currently works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

3.ATRACADOS | MOORED(rescheduled)
Two boys, in a harbor, talk about leaving their home and city. Although they feel they can't live outside, when one of them remembers a dream in which they were walking inside the sea, the other reacts and takes the lead. In Portuguese with English subtitles. Filipe Afonso studied Science Information at Universidade do Porto and Cinema (editing) at ESTC - Lisbon Cinema School, between 2005 and 2010. In 2009, he studied Cinema at FAMU - Film and TV School of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic.

Saturday Apr 13th 2013 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

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