Saturday Apr 3rd 2010 @Pyramid Atlantic

Off the Grid 2 - Bradford Reed, Pilesar, Gestures, No Serviceable Parts, Mike Sebastian, Carver Audain

Bradford Reed

Bradford Reed is a Brooklyn based composer, performer and producer who fights and tames the idiosyncrasies of the pencilina, an original homemade instrument of his own design. He played with King Missile III (and produced 4 of their records) and in the Blue Man Group's original band. He's composed for film and television including the music for Superjail! on Adult Swim and is currently working on the score for Ugly Americans, a new series coming this Spring on Comedy Central.

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Pilesar + Special Guests

Pilesar (pronounced pie-LEE-zur) is a percussionist and songwriter who specializes in creating quirky soundscapes, rhythmically dense improvisations and wildly eclectic live performances. Instrumentation may include drums, voice, toys, electronics, loops, broken effects pedals, borrowed instruments, thrift store finds, tapes and various environmental factors.

As both a soloist and collaborator, Pilesar has released dozens of fiercely independent recordings on his DIY label, Chameleon Dish Archives. For fans of Ween, Boredoms, Ruins, Zappa and Tom Waits.

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Gestures Gestures formed in 2005 in Washington, DC, where the band is based. Features members or past members of The Caution Curves, Edie Sedgwick, Medications, and The Rude Staircase.

Gestures is both N.O. jazz and No-Jazz, an acoustic combustion engine that starts at improvisation but ends somewhere even further afield. Gestures indulges in the driving rhythms of postpunk and frenetic melodies of free jazz without adopting either genre as a standard.

No Serviceable Parts

Gary Rouzer and Keith Sinzinger Duet (Exploring the parts that make us whole)

Gary Rouzer (Bastard Squid Implant, Nine Stings, Trio O, Vector Trio) usually masquerades as a bass player. But now his Cageian preparations for bass have gotten out of control and taken on a life of their own. He is currently devoted to analog experiments with objects, contact mics, surfaces, small motors, voice/breath, and field recordings. He calls this setup Amplified Textures, to borrow a term from Mark Wastell.

After a career in the newspaper business, Keith Sinzinger turned his focus back to his first passion: music. In the last year he has performed solo (under the moniker Fast Forty) and in various spontaneous ensembles in the D.C. and Baltimore areas. He frequently uses home-built instruments, altered electronics and found sounds sampled on cassette. He records at District of Chaos Studios in Northeast D.C. File Under: Intense Ambient.

Mike Sebastian

Mike Sebastian has been playing reed instruments for decades (tenor & soprano sax / bass clarinet). His passion to play grew when he first heard the spirituality of John Coltrane's music. Mike plays improvised experimental, jazz, rock, gospel, and any other type of music that encourages creativity. Highlights from the last decade include playing with the late great German master bassist PETER KOWALD, Blue Note recording artist GREG OSBY, and Fugazi bassist JOE LALLY. Recent projects include collaborations w/free jazz players Aaron Martin, Ed Ricart and Scott Verrastro as well as performing with the 21ST CENTURY CHAMBER ENSEMBLE, a new group featuring Janel Leppin, Anthony Pirog and Ted Zook.

Carver Audain (b 1981) is a sound artist actively producing works comprised of field recordings, piano, electronics, organ, guitar, and other assorted sources. Strategically, he uses improvisational tactics to integrate a variety of pre-recorded and pre-arranged material with his live playing through the use of controlled feedback and situation-specific spontaneous composition. Sonically, he produces an array of textured sound fields with a focus on controlling the shift of sustained harmonic overtones that both merge with and transform their physical surroundings. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

In the spring of 2010 he will present a new work commissioned by a grant from the Greenwall Foundation and the ISSUE Project Room.

"Playing a set "Off the grid" presents an interesting challenge, i plan to meet it wearing bells and carrying ballons."

Saturday Apr 3rd 2010 @ 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.

~ $8

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD