Saturday Mar 7th 2015 @Pyramid Atlantic

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T H E S L O T H E N S E M B L E : A T N I G H T L Y I N G I N B E D S H E R E R E A D S T H E L E T T E R F R O M H E R G U N N E R A T T H E F R O N T

(ALT: In the evening, lying in bed, she rereads the letter from her artilleryman at the front. // Le soir, couchee dans son lit, Elle relisait la lettre de son artilleur au front.)

A slower-music ensemble - under the direction of JS Adams - comprised of cello, guitars, electronics, optical character recognition, voice, Morse code, text-to-voice programming, static visuals, prepared vinyl + vintage Califone turntables performs a glacial dirge based in part on the Futurist poetry of F.T. Marinetti.

Scheduled to perform: Jeff Barsky (guitar); Guillermo Pizarro (guitar + turntable); JS Adams (loops + turntable); Doug Poplin (digital contributor); PD Sexton (digital contributor); Sarah O'Halloran (voice + electronics); Pat Gillis (electronics)

THE LET X ≠ X ENSEMBLE: PRELUDE to the Sloth Ensemble (Oblique Colors of Discontinuity in Time) A small acoustic ensemble creating changing timbrel objects in D with two flutes, trumpet, trombone, and double bass. (For the variable “X” substitute “concert D;” through shifts in instrumental color D ≠ D.)

Scheduled: Daniel Barbiero (double bass, music director); Erica Benay Fallin (flute); Daniele Seiss (flute); Curt Seiss (trombone); Jeff Kahan, oboe, Tom Wall, bass recorder. Plus overlapping sets from:

Jonathan Lee is an audio / visual collagist based in Richmond VA. His recordings, performances, and installations as Anduin are narrative experiences informed by dream states and infused with everyday sounds. As Textura Magazine (CA) wrote, “One of the things that most distinguishes Jonathan Lee's Anduin work is his uncanny ability to take a number of real-world samples and thread them into a composition in such a way that these mundane sounds are transformed into something much more arresting.” Since 2008, Lee has released five critically acclaimed albums and a half dozen EPs. His music has been used in films, dance pieces, and art instillations in the US, UK, Belgium, and Finland. He’s also collaborated with a number of other artists including Stephen Vitiello, Erik K Skodvin, Dag Rosenqvist, Carl Ritger, Noah Saval, Jimmy Ghaphery, Stefan Nemeth, John Twells, Graham Scala, and Gareth Davis. Anduin’s newest record is out January 23, 2015 on Paul McDevitt’s Berlin based Infinite Greyscale imprint.

M.O.S. is the solo project of Washington, D.C. musician and audio engineer, Dennis Kane. You may find Downtempo, Soundtrack, Experimental Electronic, Drone and Modern Classical music here from time to time.

Tag Cloud
Solo drone/noise project combining various analog electronics, synth, cheap keyboards, and occasional acoustic drone instruments and metallic perscussion.

Dave Vosh
Dave Vosh has experimented with electronic music since the 70`s and since escaping the safety of his basement, been performing it publicly since 2005. recently, he has worked solo and in various duo / trio combination`s usually with a small modular synthesizer at his fingertip`s. now in 2015, the electro-sonic journey continues.

Saturday Mar 7th 2015 @ 7:30 p.m. - 11 p.m.

~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD