Sunday Feb 20th 2011 @Pyramid Atlantic

Berangere Maximin, Violet Fools the Alchemist, Music From the Film

Berangere Maximin
Berangere Maximin 'Maximin clearly has a knack for making the most of her tools. Using only tape and voice, she displays a highly mature sense of patience in her composition, allowing each piece to unfold into its own entity that is ripe with morsels of surprising humor and effect. The amount of sound at any given moment is impressive, but more impressive is the fine management of those sounds as Maximin never lets the work become claustrophobic, allowing each individual noise its own space in the mix. (...) Despite the vast accomplishments of previous electroacousticians, Maximin manages to carve out her own corner of the sound. (...) The composer can utilize these sounds to create works of strong individual character and impressive emotive depth is a testament to her achievements and further potential as a sonic collagist'. Henry Smith, Brainwashed.
 'Certainly her music is vividly direct. (…) Maximin’s light touch and discreet dramatic effectiveness bear comparison with Luc Ferrari’s deft musical essays on relationships between incident and intention. (…)

A patchwork of texts read in French and English against low-key electroacoustic backdrop ; syncopated minimalism reminiscent of trumpeter John Hassell’s take on Aka Pygmy chants ; and an ominous soundscape packed with nautical creaks, tolling bells, heavy footfalls, bursts of orchestral melodrama and drums. Altogether a nourishing selection'. Julian Cowley. The Wire.

After the release of her debut album "Tant Que Les heures Passent" (As Long As The Hours Go By) on Tzadik Records in September 2008, Berangere Maximin performed her solo concert 'Stuck in a Nasty Little Film' for the first time that fall in Paris (Mains d'oeuvres) and New York City (Roulette, The Stone). This series of pieces for live voice and electronics has continued to develop on the road, in numerous festivals and musical events in Europe; she's opened for strong and diverse personalities such as Christian Fennesz, James Blackshaw, Zu or Fred Frith, and has recently recorded duos with fine musicians such as Richard Pinhas and Rhys Chatham.

Violet Fools the Alchemist
Electroacoustic exploration of sound color, pitch & texture by Violet, Jeff Bagato (Tone Ghosting, Mercury Fools the Alchemist), and Daniel Barbiero (Nine Strings, Mercury Fools the Alchemist, etc).

Music From the Film
"I found the entire CD to be quite unlistenable. With no sense of melody, at least none that I could detect, and an apparent lack of song structure, there is little that holds the album together. I thought bands like Pere Ubu were weird but this one takes the proverbial cake." — Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility

Sunday Feb 20th 2011 @ 7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

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