Saturday Jan 29th 2011 @Artisphere


Since 1998, Derek Morton (electronics, effects, mind control) and John Coursey (violin, electronics, idea manufacturing) are Mikroknytes, and they have released a small number of works ever since. 'Sess-Supastreng' is their fourth excursion into the world of 'massive drones through a barbed-wire filter of cracked electronics and random codes'. In the five lengthy pieces this works out as a semi-improvised, semi-composed work of many layers of sound - a massive sound indeed. Sounds are stapled onto each-other until a dense, vast, thick layer of sound arises from the mass. It's never too drone to be ambient, nor is it too noise to be industrial. In a way Mikroknytes have a very retro 80s sound. P Children or old Illusion Of Safety spring to mind. Music that is too smooth to be industrial and to harsh to be ambient, and was is too analogue to be truly modern. That is no problem at all, me thinks, as it's music that not many people create these days, so it might easily pass for something new. That, and the fact that Mikroknytes play some really fine tunes in this particular musical niche, makes this a most enjoyable album. ~ Vital Weekly

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