Saturday Jan 14th 2012 @Bethel World Outreach Church

High Life, Violet+Ilana Silverstein, Immanent Voiceless, Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble, Amptext

Formed at the Harold Arts Residency in Ohio, Jason Ajemian pulls all of his previous conceptual musics together under a solid roof with The HIGH LIFE. Ajemian creates scores in the architectural drafting program AutoCAD, which guide the musiciansthrough spaces and hallways of musical structures. His blueprints dictate the flow and motion of a musical set, opening the performers up to visual and descriptive influences, while leading them through a diverse musical landscape consisting of Ajemian’s orchestrated poems, American folk forms, Native American chants, Canadian sea shanties, Orbison, jazz expressive motion and balladry -- all filtered through the creative/improvised process in a unique communication of the moment.

Ilana Silverstein
Dancer, choreographer, and educator Ilana Silverstein approaches movement with mindfulness and commits to the creative process. Her work challenges the contrasts between the elegant, the grotesque, the organic and the digital. She is an associate artist of force/collision and has performed with Dance Box Theater, Daniel Burkholder/The Playground, Lotta Lundgren, Christine Stone Martin and other independent artists in the D.C. area. Ilana’s work has been presented by the Philly Fringe Festival, Gaia in Washington DC, and was selected for the 2011 Source Festival Artistic Blind Dates. She teaches Moving Meditation at Joy of Motion Dance Center and workshops in Contact Improvisation, Partner Stretch, and an artist feedback structure called Fieldwork. Ilana holds a B.A. in Dance and Environmental studies from Denison University.
Ilana will be accompanied by Violet on various electro-acoustic objects.

Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble
Appearing in the Twenty-first Century Chamber Ensemble for this performance: Anthony Pirog (guitar), Mike Sebastian (reeds) and T. A. Zook (basscello). The Ensemble has been described as " ....a supergroup using free improvisation to bridge the worlds of classical chamber music, jazz, and the joyously unspecified music we often call the 'avant garde.....'".

Immanent Voiceless
Immanent Voiceless is the audiovisual project of Ivan Khilko, currently based in Washington, DC. Khilko combines various sound sources (guitar, field recordings, vinyl samples, etc.) into fragile, immmersive drones that are often complemented by the playing of like-minded collaborators. In a logical extension of working with video artists in performance, Khilko has recently begun producing visuals himself, capturing images through an innovative filming technique and arranging them in structures similar to the audio.

Amptext, the solo project of Gary Rouzer, seeks to investigate the boundary between music/noise, sound/silence, and instrumental technique/gesture using electric bass, radio, cello, amplified objects, record player, and field recordings. The music is presented as live college and mixes scored actions with improvised composition.

Presented in partnership with The Fourth Annual Capital Jam.

Saturday Jan 14th 2012 @ 7:30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

~ $10